Top 5 Free Broken Link Checker sites

A broken link is a link that doesn’t properly work many times have finished with a 404 error page. A broken link comes when the link connects to a web page that has been removed or moved. Broken links are seen as a negative point of a website so every month you should work once and fix all the broken links. Here is the list of top 5 free broken checker sites.


List of Free Broken link checker sites

Top 5 Free Broken Link Checker sites

Top 5 Free Broken Link Checker sites

W3C Link checker

The W3C Link Checker tool is the first tool which we have listed here to check Broken Links. It collects data from different sources and provides the detailed summary of broken links. Go through this tool Here


Free link Checker

Free link checker is really one of the famous tools for checking broken links. Here you can Submit your URL and get the list of links. This is really an effective tool to check broken link and you can also check image links. If you want to use this tool then Click Here


Broken Link checker

The Broken Link checker is another most awesome link checker tool. It asks you to enter your URL and then it discover out broken links on your blog. It is a very famous tool which is being widely used to find broken links. You may use this tool Here


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Dead link checker

Dead link checker is very simple and fast to use. You need to fill out the URL then it automatically finds the list of broken links in your blog. This is really awesome tool which we’ll recommend you to use. You may use this site Here


Link tiger

Link tiger is the last best-broken link checker tool. This has added some awesome feature as it finds any broken links, it sends an email signal to you. It gives you most advanced way, let you know first if there have any broken links in your blog. So, if you want to use this blog backlink checker tool, then Click Here to use this.

On these websites, you will see the dead links exist on the website. You can see a summary or raw data of broken links connected to your website. The fact they give you the option is better than some minor link checkers.


In this post, you have seen the top 5 free broken link checker sites. Using the broken link checker tools you can find all the bad links of websites. Links help search in ranking. But if a link is not working it is definitely not helping in the ranking. So fix 404 not found errors or Redirect the 404 not found errors somewhere else.

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