Tips To Remember When Organizing a Blog Contest

Many Bloggers are using Contests as a way to promote their blogs. At the same time, this gives other bloggers a chance to win some cash and other great prizes. In this post, you will see the Tips To Remember When Organizing a Blog Contest.

Tips To Remember When Organizing a Blog Contest

A well-planned contest can boost your traffic and readership but a badly planned contest will just waste your money, energy and time.

Tips To Remember When Organizing a Blog Contest
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Tips To Remember When Organizing a Blog Contest

Your contest can be of any kind. Some examples are:

1. Top Commentators: The rules are simple, you have to be the Top Commentator or in the list of Top Commentators to win the prize.

2. Subscription + Posting: In these types of contests, you need to Subscribe to Blog’s RSS Feed and/Or Post about it on your blog.

3. Review: You have got to review the blog and write it on your own blog to win.

4. Writing: You have to submit stories/posts and if you emerge as best, you get the prize.

5. Others: In some other contests, you need to complete specific tasks to win. For example, earning a specific amount of cash through a specific network.

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All contests are fun but to get traffic and publicity, you need to have:

1. Big Prizes. Anything over $50 will be a good amount.

2. Cash. Gift cards sound good but nothing beats cash.

3. Sponsors. Why spend money when you have got Sponsors. Promise them advertising and benefits and they will happily give away money for you.

4. Idea. I have highlighted it because it is most the important thing you need for your blog contest. Without idea, even $1000 prize will get wasted.

“Where are the tips you were about to tell?”, you will be asking. The answer is Not Too Far! Here they come

Tips To Remember When Organizing a Blog Contest

Have a Definite Criteria

Do not bring word the “Random” to your mind when starting a contest. However, it is all right at places where users can not have competition.

Try not to have a Subscription Contest

Subscriber Number will drop after the contest is over.

Ask Participants to Write about your Blog

This is a good method to get backlinks while attracting more people to your contest. Mention that best review/post gets a special prize.

Tell that Top Participant will Win

When organizing a top commentator contest, do not rely on randomly picking entries. If you specify that only the top commentator wins, this will boost comments. Everyone will try to beat(not physically!) person at the top.

Come Up With Something Innovative

Have a new type of contest.

Final words

In this post, I have shared the Tips To Remember When Organizing a Blog Contest. Have your own tip for Blog Contest? Tell us in Comments.

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