Why You Should Take A Blogging Break In Holidays

Who told you that blogging is a slave like job where you have to constantly feed great content to your readers?(If nobody did before, I just did!).  You are not a slave and readers are not monsters who will eat great posts after great posts and will get angry at you if requirements are not met strictly. Let us see Why You Should Take A Blogging Break In Holidays.

You are a human! And most importantly, your readers are human. So be assured, they won’t eat you alive anytime soon.

The point is that you need rest. Your mind needs rest.

And best way to rest is to take a blogging break.

And to convince you, here are some reasons to take holidays

Why You Should Take A Blogging Break In Holidays

Blogging break

Blogging break

Holidays Are Refreshing

Staying away from something for a limited time is like hitting “Refresh” button for your mind and body. Ask me, who had to almost stop blogging for 2-3 months due to bad connections and office assignments. However, when I returned to blogging, I found myself energized and refreshed and started writing posts like a robot.

Holidays Are Better With Family

Nothing is like spending quality time with family. But blogging can ruin it. Imagine writing a post when all others want to go out shopping! Something will suffer and if this something is shopping, that is bad! (Maybe I just said this because I am avid shopper)

Why You Should Take A Blogging Break In Holidays 1

Who Will Read Your Blog In Holidays?

OK, so people will stay home in holidays and will rush to read your blog? No! They will be busy with other things and since the holiday season is a bit fast with a lot of celebrations and traveling involved, people won’t pay much attention to online things!

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How To Tell Readers About Your Blogging Break

OK, so you have decided to take a break? But you need to tell readers about it so that a few stay online don’t miss you! Here are some good ways to tell them about your blogging break:

  1. Announcement Post: This is the simplest way and works well. Write a personal post for readers wishing them great holidays and tell that you will not be around!
  2. A Holiday Present: We all love presents! So do your readers! How about offering them something for free as a present. It can be a book or anything similar.  ;)
  3. A Related Post: OK, let’s assume that Onlinedecoded is a blog about dog training and not Blogging Tips(should we call it “Dogging Decoded” then?). Anyway, it would be better for us to take a break with a post saying “How To Take Care of Your Dog These Holidays” and a small notice with that instead of a simple post saying “We Are Taking A Break”. Do something that relates to your niche that relates to holidays and in the end, tell the readers about the break. Now, you know that…

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