7 Best Ways To Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment in 2021

Do you want to reduce or prevent shopping cart abandonment on your website? Check out this post where you can learn about the 7 proven ways to prevent shopping cart abandonment on your website.

What is Cart Abandonment?

Imagine you walk into a supermarket and start filling up your shopping cart one by one. Suddenly, you saw a beautiful girl who finished shopping and leaves the store.
You get distracted, forget what you are doing and walk out of the store following her.

This will happen only on movies. It is unlikely to happen on real life. However, this happens all the time in ecommerce world.

The visitor may be adding items to the cart and closing the browser to watch favorite program on the TV.

Cart abandonment is an ecommerce term which is used when a visitor or customer adds any items to the site and leaves before finishing the transaction. It will be disappointing when you got a customer all the way to the shopping cart and then lose them.

In this post, we will see some simple and proven tips to prevent shopping cart abandonment.

7 Ways to Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

Ways to Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment
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Ways to Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

Build Trust By Showing the Badge

People are cautious when shopping online. They are more cautious when they buy from a new site. They look for trust signs when they buy something.

Showing the secured green badge on your site guarantees the confidence and reduces the cart abandonment rate.

However, not all badges have an equal amount of trust. You need to make sure that those are recognized by people. More than 70% of the people leave a site without purchasing because they couldn’t recognize the trust badges.

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Implement Exit-Intent Popups

Exit-intent popups can be used on any pages and it reduces the shopping cart abandonment and increases your sales.

Exit-intent is a technology which works on the behavior of the user. It monitors the movements of the visitor on the website and detects when they are about to leave the site.

With OptinMonster’s exit-intent technology, you can track the user’s movement and target them with the right campaign when they leave.

By using this method, you can easily convert your visitors into subscribers and then paying customers.

Optimize Your Page Load Time

Big giants like Amazon have fast loading time. Wondered why? Even a second delay costs them and lose customer satisfaction.

According to Visual Website Optimizer, even a second delay causes the conversion rate to drop to 7%.

If the checkout pages take long time to load, people easily leave the site and make business elsewhere.

Therefore, it is important to optimize your page load time.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Most of the online shoppers wants to see a variety of payment options.

Preference of payment option varies with each person.

I prefer Paypal when I shop online. But most people does not have an account with Paypal. They prefer credit or debit cards.

Therefore, offering multiple payment options is the best way to reduce abandonment rate.

Always Be Clear On the Cost And Offer Free Shipping

Providing the right cost without any surprise reduce cart abandonment rate on most scenarios.

Make all the additional costs and taxes clear to the visitor before they add the item to their cart. Do not add the taxes after the visitor added the item to the cart. It will make them irate.

Also, you can offer shipping to increase your sales and reduce cart abandonment.

Most of the online shoppers leave the site if they are charged for shipping.

Optimize The Cart

You need to optimize the cart in the way, where it is visible to visitors and also gives them the option to save the items on the cart.

Most of the online shoppers compares the product before they take their final decision. Infact, more than 80% of them are comparison shoppers.

They will open different tabs and different browsers. They compare the products they want to buy and then make a decision.

Remarketing To Target Abandoners

You need to accept that some of the visitors will abandon the cart without any issue. You can target them easily using the remarketing method.

You can do remarketing using Facebook or Google Adwords.

Though the previous steps help you reduce your cart abandonment, remarketing helps you win back the customers you lose along the way.

Summary: 7 Best Ways To Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

In sum, you can easily reduce or prevent the shopping cart abandonment rate of your website by following these tips.

  • Build Trust By Showing the Badge
  • Implement Exit-Intent Popups
  • Optimize Your Page Load Time
  • Offer Multiple Payment Options
  • Always Be Clear On the Cost And Offer Free Shipping
  • Optimize The Cart
  • Remarketing To Target Abandoners
7 Best Ways To Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment in 2021
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