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pCloud Review 2024: Best Secure Cloud Storage for your Files

Are you looking for a pCloud Review?

Then you are in the right place.

I have tested and tried pCloud to backup photos from my mobile device. Check out this post for a complete review of pCloud and see whether it is the best cloud storage for you.

pCloud Review- Best Cloud Storage with Affordable Plans

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pCloud Review

Let us see what is pCloud and what its features are complete.

About pCloud

pCloud is one of the best cloud storage services where you can store, share, and work on your files from any device. 

It is similar to Google Drive and Dropbox but it is more secure than them. It is equipped with unbreakable military-grade security.

With pCloud Drive, you can upload files easily to the cloud storage.

Once it is uploaded, it will sync automatically across your connected devices. This feature is like having an external storage device on your computer.

Best Features of pCloud

Let me see the powerful features of pCloud drive here.

File Management

With pCloud, you can manage a huge number of folders and files easily. With its search feature, users can easily search for any folder or file within a few seconds.

Using the filter option, you will be able to filter the files by their format.

All deleted files will be stored in the trash folder for a few days. If you delete any files accidentally, then you can restore them easily.

File Sharing

With pCloud, you can share any files and folders with others easily. You can just set permissions for them to just look at or edit them.

PCloud Review - Sharing Files
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Sharing Files

You can even password-protect a file. This is one great feature that is not offered even by Google Drive.

You can also set an expiration date for the links you share with others.

Another great option in file sharing is that you can create an upload link in a folder. It lets others upload files. Even people who do not use pCloud can use this option.

File Versioning

With the file versioning feature, all versions of your files are stored in pCloud for a particular time.

If you edited a file and did not like the new version and wish to restore the old one, then you can do it easily by clicking on the button “restore the previous version”. You just need to select the correct old version and it will be restored.

The extended file history feature lets you record every change made in your account for up to 360 days.

With pCloud, all the data will be synchronized on your devices (mobile or computer). The chances of losing your valuable data are almost zero even if you lose your device.

Backup and Synchronization

Its block-level sync feature syncs all your files instantly.

If you are using the pCloud mobile app on your phone, you will be able to back up all the data (files, photos, and videos) automatically.


pCloud uses a TLS/SSL encryption type of security.

All of your files are stored on more than 1 secured server which is located in different locations.

If you require more security for your files, then you can get their Crypto feature (paid addon) which offers military-grade protection. pCloud Crypto is one of its best features in it.

To date, pCloud invited 2860 best hackers around the world to break their encryption. The prize amount is $100,000. Surprisingly no hacker was able to hack their system.

The Challenge is still on. If you are a hacker and wish to hack their system, you can participate by clicking on this link.


pCloud provides service on all devices like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS which is one of the reasons that it is the best cloud storage provider.

With pCloud’s drive feature, you will be able to get connected to your computer as external storage and it will get counted against your computer’s local storage. This feature is very handy for Mac users.


You can integrate your pCloud account with other services like Onedrive, Google Drive, etc.

You can also back up your WordPress with a click using the plugin.

pCloud Pricing

There are two types of plans with three kinds of subscriptions. You can pay either annually or lifetime.

PCloud Review - Pricing
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Premium 500 GB costs $59.88 $47.88 per year (20% discount)

Premium Plus 2 TB costs $119.88 $95.88 per year (20% discount)

If you choose to pay for a lifetime, Premium 500 GB costs $480 $175 (65% discount)

Premium Plus 2 TB costs $980 $ 350 (65% discount)

There is also a monthly plan.

You can find all the charges in the table below:

Plan TypeMonthly ChargeAnnual ChargeLifetime Charge
Premium 500 GB$ 4.99 /mo$ 47.88 (20% OFF)$ 175 (65% OFF)
Premium Plus 2 TB$ 9.99 /mo$ 95.88 (20% OFF)$ 350 (65% OFF)

pCloud Review – Pros and Cons

Let us see the pros and cons of using pCloud.


  • Excellent value
    Fast file sync
  • Shared-file security
  • Network drive
  • Multimedia playback
  • Pay with bitcoin


  • Private encryption is a paid add-on.

Final words about pCloud Review

Having tested pCloud, I can confidently say that it is a secure and reliable cloud storage solution.

With its encryption protocols, seamless file synchronization, and generous storage options, pCloud offers a seamless user experience.

The platform’s user friendly interface, easy file sharing capabilities, and comprehensive mobile and desktop apps make it convenient for accessing files anytime, anywhere.

If you are in need of a trustworthy cloud storage provider, pCloud is a solid choice for both personal and business use.

pCloud Review - Secure Cloud Storage for your Files
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  • Ease Of Use
  • Features
  • Support
  • Pricing


pCloud is one of the best cloud storage services where you can store, share, and work on your files from any device. 

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