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Mythemeshop Review: Best WordPress Themes Provider in 2024

Looking for a Mythemeshop review?

You are in the right place.

I have tested and tried MyThemeshop themes for my niche websites. In this in depth MyThemeshop Review, you will see their features and learn why they are the best Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins providers.

Mythemeshop Review – Best Premium WordPress Themes

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MyThemeShop Review

Mythemeshop is one of the best word press theme providers for many years. They provide some premium themes with some free themes.

Normally in a WordPress store, you have thousands of free themes, but most of these come with a lack of important features.

Mythemeshop premium theme covered all the features a blogger needs.

Their themes are gaining popularity in word press users quite impressively.

In this post, you will see about the Mythemeshop review and why I recommended everyone to use Mythemeshop themes.

Best Features Of MyThemeshop Themes

Let us see some of the best features of MyThemeshop themes:

Ultra-responsive and Mobile-friendly

It’s not the 90s anymore when we were relying on static websites; when we needed to create desktop sites and mobile sites separately.

But now a single site can run well on all known devices using responsive design technology.

MyThemeShop themes are not only responsive, but they are also cross-browser compatible to be run anywhere and anyplace.

Why having a responsive site is necessary? Google rolled out an algorithm update to rank mobile-friendly sites higher in search results.

That means by leading a mobile-friendly site you can have a boost in mobile search ranking.

You can make a separate mobile site in WordPress but why would you take so much work upon your head? You can make your site ready in minutes using a responsive theme.

Either way, Google priors responsive sites more than separate desktop and mobile sites. That is the reason we chose MyThemeShop.

Unbelievably Fast Site Speed

Google counts site speed as a ranking factor. The more your site loads fast, the better you rank. It is stated that one second of delay in page loading can significantly affect your sales and conversion.

You have to be careful while choosing a theme for your WordPress blog because the theme is one of the top 3 reasons that can slow it down.

But being with MyThemeShop, we didn’t need to think about it. They already took care of the speeding stuff.

Take our site speed for example. Though we optimized our site with cache and CDN, the majority of the credit goes to the brilliantly coded Theme by MyThemeShop

I tested several more themes, and the good news is that they all tend to load in one second or less. You can build a blazing-fast site using any of their themes and outrank the majority of your competitors by speed.

Complete Schema.org Markup Implemented

In a study by Marcus Tober, he found websites using schema.org markup tend to rank higher than those without. He also mentioned current website ranking can be increased by implementing this markup.

It is a good signal to make use of it. But if you check our tutorial for adding schema.org, you could realize that there is a lot of work to do.

Sometimes it can damage your theme or structure if you do it incorrectly.

So why not stay out of that work and find something that is already good at it?

Yeah, I did the same. It took me some hours to find such a theme and eventually came to this club.

There are very few amounts of themes or publishers that have schema.org markup by default. One of the little of them is MyThemeShop.

The majority of their themes are optimized with schema.org markup. So you just need to install their theme, and you’re done.

Check here how are those themes optimized from their core. The markup is not only in the points marked below but all over the themes where it is necessary.

Optimized for the Necessary On-page SEO Factors

A perfectly SEO-optimized theme means caring for the key areas, such as below:

  • Have an H1 tag once on a page, specifically in the title.
  • Make proper use of H2, H3, and other title tags.
  • Categorizing posts and media.
  • Applying the correct rules of no follow and dofollow links.

Themes can hurt your SEO if they do not follow the rules. But you can get relief by choosing a theme from those developers who already took care of it.

One of them is MyThemeShop, which understands where to put heading tags, where to put no follow, dofollow, and how to follow the Google webmaster tools guidelines the right way.

Powerful Panel to Customize

Premium themes mean the power of full customization on hand. This theme club comes with its own options panel.

From your WordPress admin, you can customize it just like you want it to be.

And for all these works, you will require totally zero coding skills.

Helpful Support Forum with Lifetime Usage

Everyone is willing to get themes from those providers who are prompt and helpful in their support.

My experience with MyThemeShop is excellent so far since they come with their own support forum.

I started several topics to make some customization, and they were quick and fascinating.

On average, I got solutions in some hours and sometimes in half an hour when they were online.

Most other theme providers limit the supported usage to a period, for example, one year from buying. But MyThemeShop provides lifetime usage for their themes and support.

That means you are paying once, and they are with you all the way long.

Our Top Theme Picks for you

MyThemeShop has a variety of themes for your different kinds of needs. But here I will recommend three themes that we love, and hopefully, they will be good for you.

Best WordPress Themes from Mythemeshop

MyThemeshop Themes Pricing

 Mythemeshop theme prices are pretty low. Their themes will cost 35$ each or you can go for a membership plan to access all themes at 67$.

You know what, a theme is way more important than you ever thought.

That is where all your hard work will be showcased, and that is where you might be expecting more readership and better SEO. So altogether, it has to be brilliant.

Mythemeshop Review – Pros and Cons

Let us see the pros and cons of using MyThemeshop Themes.


  • Adsense optimized Themes.
  • SEO-ready themes.
  • Neatly coded and schema ready.
  • Fast and loads quickly.
  • Inbuilt rating and review system.


  • No Lifetime access and you have to renew it every year.

Final words about MyThemeshop

That’s all about MyThemeShop Review

Having used MyThemeShop for my niche sites, I can confidently conclude that it is a reliable source for premium WordPress themes.

The themes are responsive, customizable, and optimized for speed, providing a seamless user experience.

MyThemeShop’s dedicated support team ensures prompt assistance and regular updates to keep the themes compatible with the latest WordPress versions.

If you’re looking for professionally crafted themes that elevate the visual appeal and functionality of your WordPress website, MyThemeShop is a trusted choice.

Mythemeshop Review - Best WordPress Themes Provider
  • Performance
  • Features
  • Value for Money
  • Support


We proudly use and recommend MyThemeShop since their themes are reliable, serve what we need and actually delivered more than what we expected.

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