How to Sell a Dead Horse for $500

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Tired of all that blogging stuff? This time, I have got an interesting story for you!

How to Sell a Dead Horse for $500

How to Sell a Dead Horse for $500
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How to Sell a Dead Horse for $500

Once upon a time, there was a wise man. He decided to buy a horse so that travel would become easier for him.

He went to a farmer and offered to buy his only horse. The farmer agreed. The wise man paid $100 in advance and said that he would take the horse the next day.

The next day, when he returned, the farmer told him that the horse had died. The farmer had spent the $100 that the wise man had given him and said that he was unable to return it.

The wise man thought for a second and asked if he could take the dead horse. The farmer happily agreed.

After 3 days, the wise man returned to the village. The farmer came to him and asked what he did with the dead horse.

The wise man said, “I sold the horse for $500!”

The farmer was amazed. He asked, “How is it possible?”

The wise man explained, “I went to a nearby fair. There, I set up a small stand and offered the horse through a lottery. The ticket was only $5. One hundred and two people participated, and in the end, I gave the horse to the winner.”

Didn’t anyone complain?” the farmer asked.

Yes, the winner complained about this.”

Then what did you do?”

I gave him double his money ($10) back.”

Five Blogging and Marketing Tips that you can learn from this story:

Be Imaginative

When writing, keep your imagination high. Think of new ways to entertain your readers and help them.

Do Not Trust Everyone

Keep your eyes open. The wise man, at first, made a big mistake by paying $100. If he had not used his brain, his money would have been wasted.

Low Prices May Boost Sales

If you ever decide to sell your own product, remember that low prices may boost sales. That’s how the wise man sold over 100 tickets.

Cheap Products May End Up Being Crap

What did the winner get? A dead horse! In the same way, cheap products may not be useful at all.


All those $27 schemes that promise to make you rich.

You Tell Me!: I am keeping this open. What tip did you learn from this story?

Disclaimer: In case any animal lovers are reading this, no horses were hurt for this post/image. In fact, the horse above is sleeping!

How to Sell a Dead Horse for $500
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