How to make your PC welcome you

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In many movies, you have seen the computer welcoming the person once they login in. Many of you wanted to experience the same when you log into the computer. This article will help you make your PC welcome you when you log in to the computer.

How to make your PC welcome you

How to make your PC welcome you

How to make your PC welcome you

With this trick, you can make your PC welcome you in its own voice. It may be a male or female. To check the gender of your PC, click here.

You can make your PC say, “Hi, Welcome to your PC”.

Follow the instructions below to make your PC welcome you:

1. Open a Notepad. Click on Start->All Programs, Accessories, and Notepad.
2. Copy paste the code in the notepad.
 make your PC welcome you - code

3. To make it personal, you can add your name next to Hi. For example, “Hi John, Welcome to your PC”.

4. Save the file  .vds extension. You can save the file as welcome.vbs. While saving change as file type as “all files”.
5. Now, the coding part is over. We need to paste this file on the Drive where the OS is installed. Normally, OS will be installed on the C drive.
6. Navigate to the section C:Users {User-Name}AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup and paste the file. You need to enable show hidden file in folder options to go to app data. For Windows XP, go here
C:Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (in Windows XP)

Now restart your PC to welcome you in its own voice. However, to get best results, you need to disable the sound on the startup. When you turn on the PC, you will hear the welcome sound from Windows. If you disable that, you will get the best result.

Go to Control Panel ->Sound->change sound and set it no sounds.

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