How to do multitasking on mobile phone

Multitasking is possible When you are using the desktop or laptop. However, with the advent of new technology, you can do multitasking with the latest mobile devices. Here,  you can learn how to do multitasking on the mobile phone.

Multitasking is nothing but doing more than one task at a time. For example, if you are watching a movie, you would need to pause it to read the text you received. You cannot do both the task at the same time. However, with the latest Android devices, you can do multitasking.

Tablets run by Windows are capable of running many apps side by side. However, Windows phone do not have the option. Even Apple devices do not have that feature. Only some of the latest Android devices offer the multitasking feature. Though this feature is not as smooth as working on computers, they will be a start. Let’s see the Android devices that offer the multitasking feature.


The latest Samsung devices offer multiwindow screen through which you can see the apps running side by side. Normally, you are limited to two. However, latest Pro tablets from Samsung lets you do to four windows.

How to do multitasking on mobile phone 1
How to do multitasking on mobile phone

How to do multitasking on mobile phone


There are certain limitations with the multi windows. You can watch the videos from Samsung or Google. But not run Netflix and Hulu at the same time. However, the choices have become better since the introduction of the feature in 2012.

If you have tablets and note from Samsung, you have another way to do multitasking. It is done with the help of pen that comes with the device. Just draw a box on the screen. It will float on the screen and the app will open the box. In this way, you can open several apps at the same time. Again, there is a limitation on the type of app you run. ie. you can run only selected application and not all.


G3 is the latest mobile from LG. It has the dual window feature which allows you to open two apps at a time. You do have limitations with the type of app like the one on Samsung. You can also adjust the space occupied by each app.

This device has the Q slider through which you can open more than two apps at a time. Unlike a Dual window, this feature is similar to the one on PCs. With this feature, you can access messages, browser, calendar, and calculator. The dual window has some additional options like YouTube and gallery.

Unlike the one in Samsung devices, you cannot access video or weather service.

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