How to Create Multi-step Forms for WordPress Easily in 2023?

Wondering how to create multi-step forms for WordPress?

Then you are in the right place.

Check out this post and learn how to create multi-step forms in WordPress easily using Formidable Forms.

Why Use a Multi-Step Form on Your Website?

Instead of using many fields on a single-page form, you can use a multi-step form (also known as multi-page).

Using a multi-step form increases your conversion rate when your form has multiple fields.

After using multi-step forms saw more than 50% conversion

More reasons to use multi-step forms in WordPress.

Reduce Form abandonment

You will see less form abandonment since users like to fill forms in multiple pages instead of a single large form.

Encourage Focus

It increases the focus of the visitors since they are not bored with multiple fields on the same page. 

Collect Required Information

You will be able to collect all your required information with multi-step forms.

Common Uses of Multi-Step Forms

The most common uses of multi-step forms are as listed:

  • Contact Forms
  • Survey Forms 
  • Job application Forms
  • Website Signup Forms
  • Medical in-take Forms
  • School Enrollment Forms

How to Create Multi-step Forms for WordPress?

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How To Create multi-step Forms For WordPress

There are many plugins available in the market to create multi-step forms. But Formidable Forms is the best one since you do not need to worry about the layout or style of your forms. 

Also, you can create beautiful responsive forms easily without any coding.

Make sure to get the Formidable Forms Pro version.

It is recommended to click on the save buttons after each step to avoid loss of work.

Follow the steps given below to create multi-step forms for WordPress using Formidable forms.

Install the Plugin

Install the plugin from your WordPress site.

Activate and verify the license key. You can find the license key on your account’s dashboard.

Create a Form

After activating the plugin, follow the steps below to create a form using Formidable Forms.

From the dashboard of your WordPress site, click on Formidable.

Click on Add New.

You can create any form with Formidable Forms. Let us create a multi-step form.

Add Page Breaks in your Form

Once you have created a form, add page breaks to your form. This will allow you to build a multi-step form.

Use the drag-and-drop feature and add the page break field to your form.

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add a page break to form

You can add the page break field before any field where you want to start a new page.

You can split the form into many pages as you like. 

In the below example, the page break is added after the name and email field.

Name Your Form Pages

After adding page breaks in your form, you should name your form pages.  

From the form settings, click on pagination settings. You will have three options namely:

  • Show Progress Bar
  • Show Rootline
  • Hide the progress bar and Rootline

Select the option “Show Progress Bar

You will get additional options like show page titles with steps, hiding the page numbers, and hiding lines in the routine or progress bar.

Select the first one and type a name for the form pages.

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Design Progress Bar

This helps the website users to know the page they are on currently.

Design your progress bar

After naming the page forms, you need to select the right type of pagination and design it.

There are two options namely progress bar and rootline.

You can select either one from the form settings tab.

After that, you need to design it to match the style of your website. 

Formidable Forms Styling Options
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Styling Options

Follow these steps to design your progress bar:

  • From the dashboard of your website, click on Formidable.
  • Click on Styles.
  • Then select Progress Bars and select any color.

You can also customize the background color, active page background color, text color, active page text color, circle radius size, border color, and border size.

Once you have designed the progress bar click on update.

Configure Form Settings

You need to configure your form settings and form notifications before you add the form to your website.

You can also include conditional logic if you wish.

To configure your form settings, click on General and then click on Configure.

After making all the required changes, do not forget to save the changes.

Add Your Multi-Step Form to Your Site

Now, the form just needs to be added to your site.

Formidable forms are optimized for Gutenberg. If you wish to show the form on a page/post, click on the formidable forms block on the Gutenberg editor and select the form.

If you are still using the classic old editor, you can copy-paste the shortcode on the area and save it.

Final Words

Multi-steps are essential to increase the conversion of your website.

Using Formidable Forms, you can easily create multi-step forms.

I hope you have learned how to create multi-step forms for WordPress now.

You can try Formidable forms risk-free! (14 days money-back guarantee period)

If you find it useful, share it with your friends. If you have any doubts or questions, please comment below.

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