How Many Backlinks You Need to Rank Your Website ?

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How Many Backlinks You Need to Rank Your Website? This is one of the most asked questions regarding the backlinks. Backlinks are important to rank the sites. However, it is not the only factor that decides the SERP ranking. There are 200 factors that decide the ranking of the website. But, backlinks is one of the important factors. There is no need to build thousands of backlinks to rank your site. You need some quality backlinks instead of hundreds of low-quality backlinks.  In this post, we will see how many backlinks you need to rank your website.

How many Backlinks you need to rank on the first page of Google?

You may get this question several times on your mind.  As informed earlier, you do not need hundreds or thousands of backlinks to rank on big G.

Google changed the algorithm. Now, you do not need several hundreds of backlinks. You just need few quality backlinks to rank on SERP.

In fact, you need just a handful of backlinks which you can count on your fingers itself.

How Many Backlinks You Need to Rank Your Website ?

How Many Backlinks You Need to Rank Your Website?

Are my competitors using them?

Yes, most of your competitors are going to have some sort of backlink profile. They are probably running their own backlink campaigns in order to get more backlinks. They are probably already aware of what makes for a bad backlink profile and what makes for a good one.


Do Experiments

Instead of asking someone regarding the number of backlinks needed to rank your website, you can do some experiments yourself. With this method, you will get to know how things work.

I did a small experiment with my friend regarding the backlinks. We took an article which published recently on our niche website. We analyzed the keyword competitiveness and the number of backlinks that are used by your competitor on the same keyword.

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How many do my competitors have?

Consider copying how many they have. Build up your backlink numbers slowly and see if it is helping to raise your ranking on the search engine results pages. If it isn’t, then consider another tactic. If it works,  then proceed with caution.


How Many Backlinks You Need to Rank Your Website

Following is the simple method which is used to calculate the number of backlinks you need to rank your website. I learned it from the webinar from Blog with Jags. I am sharing it here as it will be helpful for many.


1. Check the first page of your keyword.
2. Check the first 10 sites and its backlinks.
3. You need to note down the backlink numbers and the number of RDs (referring domains) for those 10 sites and add that number.
4. Divide that total by 8.
5. The result is the number of backlinks you need to create every month.

For example, let us say the backlinks for the keyword on the first ten sites = 4000
4000/8= 500 backlinks per month
500/4= 124 backlinks per week


Based on the niche, competition this number will vary.



Hope you have learned How Many Backlinks You Need to Rank Your Website. Use this method and create backlinks at a regular pace and rank your website.

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