How A Laptop Made Me A Better Blogger

In this post, you will see How A Laptop Made Me A Better Blogger.

Before you start protesting against me and Onlinedecoded, let me make clear that no one paid me to promote their laptop company/website!

How A Laptop Made Me A Better Blogger

Recently, I got a Dell Vostro Laptop and after buying it, my blogging experience has changed a lot. So, in this post, I am just going to discuss how a laptop made me a better blogger and how it can make you one too!

How A Laptop Made Me A Better Blogger
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How A Laptop Made Me A Better Blogger

I have freedom!

While I still believe that desktops are far better performing(and their keyboards don’t heat up as well!), the biggest plus of laptop is the mobility it offers. I am a free flier and sitting in front of a desktop for hours limits me.

Additionally, I have to visit my grandparents every once in a while(and I love being with them), having a laptop means that I can blog from anywhere.

I had a pretty good phone before this but writing a blog post from a mobile is not at all a good experience.

With my new laptop, I can blog from any place!

I don’t need to worry about power

If you live in a remote location or at a place where power cuts are a normal thing, investing in a laptop makes sense.

I have killed many post ideas in the past because the electricity went off when I was in the middle of a post and when it came back, I was not in the mood of writing!

Now, with a 4-5 hour battery backup, I don’t have to worry about anything.

I don’t have to wait for applications to load

Now, this one is personal. With the previous PC, I had to wait a lot for applications to load. But now, with the power of the latest processor backed by 8 GB RAM, I don’t have to wait for anything!

Is it all good?

Well, no! There are some downsides to owning a laptop that has to be considered.


With the desktop, there’s not much to worry about. Everything is safe inside that cabinet. With a laptop, everything is on your lap and it’s moving a lot. A simple drop can destroy everything!


I don’t know about all brands but most of the laptops I have used (not mine, but of relatives or teachers) heat-up after 1-2 hours. This makes writing uncomfortable! I never had to worry about hotkeys on my desktop! 

Overall, it has been a good experience for me and I enjoy the mobility. If you have an old desktop and need a replacement, consider burning some money on a laptop, I am sure it will be money well burnt!

P.S. Your experiences and advice to a new laptop owner are welcomed! 

How A Laptop Made Me A Better Blogger
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Jenny is a passionate blogger and writes for She graduated from Sainik school and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics.

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