Killer Tips To Get Guest Post Approved On Top blogs In 2022

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Do you want to get Guest posts approved on Top blogs like Smart Blogger, Blogging Tips? Don’t worry, whether you are a newbie blogger or struggling blogger, I will share in this post a brilliant idea of guest posting on a super blog.

You can write a guest post of high quality after a lot of hard work. But guest posting on a top blog is damn difficult. If you are a relatively new blogger then it’s a heck of a task.

So you need to apply your intelligence to achieve your goal. It’s really cool to publish your guest post on a blog at least twice in value as compared to your toddler blog.

Again don’t worry.

You can do this by following my fantastic idea here.

So keep reading the whole plan given below and implement it with care. Take full care while implementing it.

If you reveal it earlier, it won’t work. So keeping it secret is the basic requirement for its success.

Killer Tips To Get Guest Post Approved On Top Blogs

Get Guest Post Approved
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Get Guest Post Approved

Check out this post and learn about the simple but killer tips to get guest posts approved on top blogs.

Pro Bloggers Mostly Don’t Succeed In The First Attempt

This is the foundation of your idea. Almost 90 percent of the pro bloggers of every niche do not succeed in their first attempt.

They mostly fail on their first try. There are more than several who failed several times and then became successful. So keep this fact in mind while going ahead.

Make A List Of Pro Bloggers In Your Niche

Now come to the second stage of your strategy.

Make a list of pro bloggers of your niche. Trim this list by dropping those who came, who saw, and conquered. I mean drop the names of very few of those exceptions who succeeded in their very first attempt.

Do remember, exceptions are always there.

Search The Mediocre Blogs Of The Pro Bloggers On Your List

Search their blogs which could not have become popular. Most of the pro bloggers didn’t drop them. They are still managing them because no one wants to forget his first love.

Now you have a list of not-very-successful blogs of those bloggers who didn’t succeed in their first attempt, right?

Remember never put on the list their most successful blogs which made them pro bloggers. You can’t aim at them right now. Keep this list close to your chest. Don’t share it with anyone.

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Find Total Mediocre Blogs Of Each Pro Blogger On Your List

Now is the third stage of your move. Find out all the weak blogs of each pro-blogger on your list. Pick from them the ones related to your niche.

Now check their Domain Authority, the number of visitors, and other qualities. You can evaluate their worth.

After evaluating them, pick the top 5 weak blogs from the list. Visit each of the five and pick the top 2 of them which easily accept guest posts.

Write Guest Posts For The Top 2 Mediocre Blogs

Visit the top 2 selected blogs and check their guest post requirements. Now write the guest posts, not with the aim to get them published on target blogs but to impress their owners.

They are the pro bloggers who you want to impress and ultimately want to be published on their top blogs. Right?

If the weak blog and top blog of a pro blogger have different niches try to write a post that stands fit for the publication.

In extreme cases don’t claim a backlink and just write a post without any backlink from your targeted weak blog.

Remember your ultimate aim is to publish your guest post on the top blog of your targeted pro blogger. So here just make a guest posting on his weak or not-so-successful blog.

Write A Guest Post Pitch

With your guest post write an impressive pitch to convince the pro blogger you are a huge fan of him.

You just want to publish your guest post on any of his blogs. Fully prove how diligently you follow his all blogs by referring his any important achievement in your guest post or in your pitch.

Promote Published Posts

Once you are published, promote your guest post on all your social media, groups, forums, and pages.

Make the given pro blogger feel that you worked so hard to promote your guest post. It will show your promotion skills and also your passion for blogging.

He will come to know by looking at a huge number of likes, +1s, and re-shares for your post at his weak blog.

Here simply results will work, so do work hard to get maximum results.

Ask your friends and your email subscribers to go to that post and comment on it. Prove the value of your post to convince your subscribers to visit it and drop their comments.

Write A Thank You Email To Pro Blogger

After one week of your guest post being published write another email to the given pro blogger. Tell him how wonderful it’s been for you while working with him.

Tell him the level of effort you took to promote your guest post on his lame blog. Once again prove your worth.

Repeat the same exercise with the second lame blog with the same passion.

Now Achieve Your Ultimate Objective

Now two pro bloggers know you, your passion, and your performance.

Here starts the main task. Now send a guest post pitch to both of them to show your interest in guest posting on their popular blogs.

You need not convince them a lot. Your previous performance working with them will convince them to accept your guest post.


You have seen the killer tips to get guest posts approved on top blogs. Just follow the steps and get your guest posts published.

Killer Tips To Get Guest Post Approved On Top blogs In 2022
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