10 Tips To Find Serious Online Buyers Easily

Wondering how to find serious online buyers for your products?

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Check out this post and learn about the 10 ways to find serious online buyers for your products.

Tips To Find Serious Online Buyers In A Crowd

So you have tried to sell several products on your blog. But you failed to make big money with any of your attempts. Hardly could you have sold a few products and hardly earned your commission equal to peanuts.

You do have a decent amount of traffic on your blog. Your visitors appreciate the products which you try to sell. They praise your products on social media and in the blog comment. But they just praise and don’t buy.

You do give full customer care to every visitor. Your reply to questions of your visitors with a lot of care. They equally have trust in you because you have been quite helpful to them with your expertise.

You do follow all the tips and tricks you learned to sell your and affiliate products on your blog. You fully know how to sell the benefits and not the features on your blog.

But despite all these positive points you fail to sell a huge number of products. Your total sales of each product have never been more than four to five.

Where do you make a mistake? This is quite an irksome question for you.

Don’t worry in this post you will learn to know who your serious online buyers are. So you can give more time to them and convert them easily.

Maybe you are losing them because of wasting your time at many visitors who just do window shopping and nothing else.

It is quite difficult to convert in the online marketing world as compare to offline marketing.

In offline marketing, you have a direct watch at your would-be customer. You can assess with the facial expression of your client if he may buy your product or not.

But while selling online you can’t see your customer directly. Out of a huge crowd of visitors, you don’t have an idea of how they are reacting after reading your post to sell a product.

But you can assess their response with their comments on social media and on your blog. With that, you can understand the overall trend of all your visitors.

Tips To Find Serious Online Buyers In A Crowd
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Tips To Find Serious Online Buyers In A Crowd

10 Signs Of Serious Online Buyers

Here I am telling you ten signs of your serious online buyers to boost the sales of your products and services by 100 percent.

You won’t do this in a day but by and by you would fully understand the art of reading your serious online buyers.

They Don’t Praise Much

This is the first sign of your serious online buyers. They will never praise much with a vow, great, wonderful, amazing types of words and phrases.

They want to be satisfied before making a purchase decision. No one likes to buy just after watching the demo given by a salesperson.

You are also an online salesperson. So your likely buyer will ask you a lot of subsidiary questions to know more about a given product.

Genuine online buyers ask you to know more about the product and even will not thank you after buying your product. They are paying you for your product so instead, you need to thank them.

So never give much attention to those who just praise your products. They may be your supporters, observers, fellows, analysts or researchers but not the likely buyers of your products.

They Enquire Of More Benefits

If they have a little interest in your product they will not just buy it. They will ask for any more benefits of your product.

You simply need to tell any further benefit if there is really any. But it is more likely you have already mentioned all the benefits in your post.

Here you can act like a smart marketer and tell the benefits which you explored after writing a given post.

You can also tell any benefit related to any special situation where a common feature becomes its benefit. But never try to be over-smart by just repeating the already mentioned benefits.

They Want More Discounts

This is the biggest query of serious buyers. They want to avail maximum discounts. So they ask about buying two if they can get more discounts. If they buy within a specified time limit how much they can save.

So let them know every detail in your post and if anything left, do mention at the end of the post with PS note.

Even then if someone at social media or blog comments asks you for a discount for any special deal clearly let him know what you can or can’t offer more to him.

They Want Comparison With Peer Products

If there are several competing products in the market your likely buyers will mention them to know how your product is better than them.

Here you need not exaggerate the benefits of your products but in honesty never give an impression as if your product is inferior to other products in any way.

Narrate the benefits very articulately but never even slightly mention the benefits of competitive products. Just highlight the features of your products impressively like a perfect marketer.

They Want To Know About Warranty

This is also one of the biggest concerns of genuine online buyers.

They have the right to ask you; “what if your product fails to work?”

You must have already mentioned the warranty in your post. If they ask any subsidiary question about it do reply with complete clarity.

They Ask For A Trial Version

In the online world, many non-physical products have a trial version.

If someone asks details about them it means he already has a lot of previous experience with this matter.

So reply to him because only those likely online buyers ask such questions who had experienced a little bitter in the past regarding this issue.

They Want To Know After-Sale Service

In physical and non-physical both types of products interested online buyers want to know if there is any after-sale service attached to it.

Here again, you must have already covered it in your post but they do ask subsidiary questions about it.

Delivery Time Of Physical Products

Your distant would-be online buyers do ask how many days they will get your product if it is a physical product.

So you must have a complete account of delivery time to every area and should mention this also in a given post, sales page and even separately if the inquirer is from any off-list area.

They Are Keen To Know How To Pay

Yes, they love to buy products where they just have to pay a one-time. So do mention this feature in your post.

If they ask in comments any secondary question about it you must tell them how they can pay. Usually, they avoid buying a product with a yearly payment.

Yes many of them do want to pay in easy installments after taking full ownership rights of a product.

It all depends upon the sales policy of the manufacturer of the product if it allows payment in piecemeal or not. But this question shows the interest of buyers who do want to buy but can’t afford to pay in one –go.

They Don’t Make Haste To Thank You

Your serious online buyers even don’t thank you after getting all the answers to their questions.

They do thank you but once they are fully satisfied with the product after using it. So never expect someone to thank you before buying a product. If he does, it will be his extreme courtesy and nothing else.

So these are the ten signs of serious online buyers to read them and boost your sales up to 100 percent.

You can’t note all these signs just after getting feedback in one post. You will be watching these signs off and on at social media and blog commenting. You just have to fully exploit these signs.

Final Words about Tips To Find Serious Online Buyers In A Crowd

That’s all about Tips To Find Serious Online Buyers In A Crowd. 

Do you think there is any other way to know who seriously wants to buy your products and who is just passing the time?

Do you face at your blog silly questions of readers who just pass the time? Please do share your valuable views below and add value to this post.

10 Tips To Find Serious Online Buyers Easily
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