Efficiency Or Effectiveness? Which Is The Best Direction For You?

Let’s start a candy company.

Not for real. It’s just an example.

Now, you are the owner and I am a worker in your company. My goal is to make 5 kg candy per day.

On day 1, you give me 10-kilogram raw materials. In evening, I return you 5 kg candy.

On day 2, you give me 5 kg raw materials and get 5 kg candy back.

Which day will make you happier? Day 1 or day 2?

Of course day 2.

Where do efficiency and effectiveness come here?

Efficiency Or Effectiveness? Which Is The Best Direction For You

Efficiency Or Effectiveness

Efficiency Or Effectiveness

Well, Effectiveness means that goals are achieved somehow. Efficiency means that goals may or may not be achieved with but resource usage is better.

As the worker in above example, I was effective on day 1 as well as day 2 but I was efficient on day 2 only because I did not waste any material.

Just like the candy example above, effectiveness and efficiency can make a lot of difference for your blog.

If you blogging effectively, this means that you are just putting posts out there somehow and wasting hours on each post. However, if you are efficient as well as effective when you put good posts while using time well and spending less time to write better posts.

Efficiency Or Effectiveness? Which Is The Best Direction For You? 1

Without efficiency, you might become a perfectionist blogger. And being a perfectionist is not always a good thing. You might end up with great posts taking 5-6 hours each. You will be effective, but not efficient.

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Which Is The Best Direction?

The best direction is a balance of both efficiency and effectiveness.

Taking a look at the candy example again, we can see how a balanced approach is the best.

If I am only effective, I will waste a lot of raw materials. In blogging terms, I will be putting posts out here somehow without much focus on quality. A lot of time will get wasted.

If I am only efficient, I will aim for less wastage and not about goals. That is, I will write 10-20 minute posts without any formatting anytime I want and not follow any schedule.

Is any of these approaches good?


These will only be bad for you as well as me.

What happens when I take a balanced approach?

I will achieve my target without wasting raw materials. That is, I will write 3 posts every week here without any breaks and will not take too much writing each post. But this does not mean that quality will suffer. The posts will end up looking nice and will be well optimized for readers as well as search engines.

So, a balanced approach is the best one in my opinion. What do you think?

  1. Are you more efficient or effective with your blog?
  2. Which approach do you like and want to take?
  3. What steps do you think are necessary to find a balanced way?
Efficiency Or Effectiveness? Which Is The Best Direction For You? 2

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