Does private browsing exist really in 2022?

When you use the internet, you know that your information is transmitted over the web. Do you know the amount of your personal data transmitted? You think that you use private browsing or incognito browsing. But, does private browsing exists really?

Does private browsing exist really?

Does private browsing exists really?
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Does private browsing exist really?

Many people were not aware that their personal information can be gathered when they use the internet.

With a simple code, it is easier to identify the specifications of your computer, OS version, the name of the browser you are using, your monitor, etc. This sum of information is called a digital footprint.

Why private browsing does not exist

With this digital footprint, it is easier to track you. More than 70% of the browsers are very unique and they can be distinguished from others.

Webmasters use this digital footprint to optimize their sites and get traffic.

The ad companies use this information to earn more money by targeting the ads to the countries that respond to them.

It is learned even the security agencies’ respective countries watch what people do online. They even collect data and read their personal emails.

Privacy is important. However, you need to learn that privacy is not possible if you use the internet.

Once you are online, your actions are noted and the information is stored.

You might think that you are safe by using private browsing or incognito mode. But, you are wrong. It is not as easy as you think.

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Websites track information

Web sites will collect the information

1. Type of computer and the OS installed on your computer.

2. The plugins your browser supports such as Java and Flash.

3. Time zone set on your computer.

4. The size of your screen and the number of colors it sees.

5. Fonts installed on your computer.

6. Information about the cookies. Whether it is enabled or disabled.

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What you can do to avoid or minimize the digital footprint of you

1. Use a configuration that is widely used.

2. Always clear your cache and cookies once you close the browser. Do remember that you need to do it each time you close the browser.

3. Disable javascript and flash. However, do remember that some sites do not work if you do that.

4. If you use the Firefox browser, install a NoScript extension.

5. You can use tor for encrypted relays. Some countries like china ban the use of Tor.

6. You Duckduckgo browser.

So what does private browsing provide

You need to understand that private browsing does not provide any privacy. It hides only your browsing history, cookies, etc from people who share the computer with you.

1. It does not prevent websites from seeing your IP address.

2. It does not hide the files you have downloaded.

3. It does not hide the searches or data you enter on a website.

4. It does not prevent tracking you.

What Google says about incognito mode

Browsing in incognito mode only keeps Google Chrome from storing information about the websites that you’ve visited. The websites that you visit may still have records of your visit. Also, any files saved to your computer or mobile devices will still remain.

On the whole, private browsing provides secrecy but not security. It will stop you from leaving a digital footprint.

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2 thoughts on “Does private browsing exist really in 2022?”

  1. Hi Umapathy,

    Its great to know that you are taking the point of private browsers here.
    For sure they don’t provide any security and there is a matter of fact that private browsers don’t have any privacy too. Google Chrome, Safari and else are great in their work.
    Great post indeed.;)
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Hi Ravi,
    Yes, private browsing does not provide any privacy. It will leave digital footprint of you.
    Glad you liked it. Enjoy you day too :)



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