How to Boost Affiliate Income with Email Marketing Easily in 2023?

Are you wondering how to boost affiliate income with email marketing?

Then you are in the right place.

Check out this post and learn how you can use email marketing and boost your affiliate income easily.

Email marketing stays a step ahead of other marketing platforms because of its personalization.

You can pitch your product to someone by sending him a direct-personalized email; what could be more connective than this? And email marketing also offers the highest ROI ratio.

Research says that you can earn an average of $50 from spending $1 on email marketing.

Taking you back in time, have you seen some vendors going home to home, pitching their products directly to the customers?

You are doing the same with email marketing.

The advantage you are getting here is that you can choose your working hours, earn money from home, and make a passive source of income.

What is Affiliate Email Marketing?

Email Marketing
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This email marketing campaign is slightly different from your classic emails; you send an automated series of emails to your subscribers (audience) and provide something more than just affiliate links.

Users are not clicking on your links from any blog or video, but they are getting them in their messages with some quality added.

Readers may trust a blog that much and click on the affiliate link to purchase something; on the other hand, email marketing builds a direct relationship with the audience, and your affiliate links are directly lending to the reader’s inbox.

Therefore, there are more chances of noticing the affiliate link in the email than in a long 1200-word article. Now, to get started with email marketing, you will first require a partnership with an affiliate program and an email list.

How to Boost Affiliate Income with Email Marketing?

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How to Boost Affiliate Income with Email Marketing

Let us see how to boost affiliate income with email marketing easily.

Prepare your Target Email List

There are two possibilities, you may already have an email list, or you need to build it from scratch.

If you do not have an email list, you can build it by attaching a contact form or any subscription form on your website.

A pop-up message offering a free e-book and getting their emails in return will work.

Try to make things more effective, and place different forms on different pages to create a list based on customers’ interests.

For instance, place a contact form on the home page and use another contact form for your resource page. In addition, place different pop-up messages in smartphone-related articles and shoe-related articles.

This will help you send emails to those people who have an interest in the product.

Another thing you need to do is verify the email list because you are getting this information from the contact form, and there are more chances of mistakes and spam.

You can check out this blog, “Top 10 Bulk Email Verification and Validation Services Compared,” to find some fantastic email verification services.

Provide Value to Your Visitors

The next step is providing value to your visitors. Please do not send them raw affiliate links alone.

Instead, add some informative content to support the affiliate links. This will help in getting more conversions. On the other hand, a raw affiliate link will get you spammed.

Do not tell them to purchase the product; tell them what benefits they will get from it. Do not boast your brand in the email; avoid using “We” and start using “You”.

Make the email move around the audience. People are not interested in knowing your brand, but they will surely be interested in learning something new.

Email Series

Email Series
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Now, if we talk about content in the email, why don’t we send a series of emails and offer them a complete journey of knowledge? There are two instances; let’s focus on the first one:

You can send a series of emails about “How to start digital marketing?” Here you are sending five to six emails (daily or weekly) telling them everything like starting the blog, joining the affiliate program, etc.

You can place your affiliate links where they can purchase a hosting service or a domain name.

In the second instance, you can create a funnel. You are sending 3 to 4 emails providing information about a product (not making it whole promotional).

In the first email, make them aware of the product. In the second one, tell them about the features or benefits they will get if they purchase the product.

Let me remind you; you are not yet telling them to buy.

In the third email, you are finally telling them to buy the product from your affiliate link. This will increase the chance of conversion because they are familiar with the product now.

Things to Keep in Mind While Creating a Campaign

Following are some of the things to keep in your mind while creating an email campaign:

Own The Audience, Do Not Sell Them

You are not contacting your audience as an affiliate marketer. You are a friend who wants to share his knowledge with the audience. You must not sound like a seller or a marketing call that ruins a family dinner.

You need to be their coffee friend. You have some knowledge of a topic and are telling it to your friend to help them improvise and learn something new in life.

If you are working oppositely, you will harm your relationship, and the audience will unsubscribe from your emails. That’s why keep it casual.

This is very important, as many affiliate programs do not allow you to share direct affiliate links with your audience.

If your affiliate program restricts you from doing this, find alternatives. Of course, the best choices are the competitors of the affiliate program.

Also, some email platforms don’t allow you to share affiliate links, and you need to stay away from them. Otherwise, they will ban your account or stop access to your email list. But, again, this is not something you are willing to do.

Therefore read all the terms before using your email provider and joining an affiliate program.

Let’s understand this step with an example, Suppose you have an audience interested in Yoga or health, and you are sending them emails to purchase fast food or knives.

You need to categorize your email list into different categories and promote the products to people interested in them. Otherwise, your unsubscribe rate would be very high. And you won’t get any conversion from there.

If you find it hard to categorize the list, try to promote products that everyone will like, such as fashion items, accessories, watches, digital devices, furniture, etc.

Analyze Your Campaigns

If you are sending emails in automation and not analyzing them, you will not get any idea how it is working, and ultimately you may find that all your efforts have gone in vain.

Check out who clicked on your link and purchased something. Or where does this subscriber come from?

You can upsell them by analyzing the data. But if you are not tracking the data, you are blindfolded throwing knives at a moving target.


Applying these techniques will surely get you excellent results, but you should not stop at this. Instead, continuously learn new strategies and try AB testing to check out which method suits you and your audience the best.

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