Which is the best digital assistant for mobile?

Google Now from Google, Siri from iPhone and Cortana from Microsoft are the famous Digital Assistant. In order to find which is the best digital assistant for mobile, a study was made comparing all the three digital assistants. Wondering who won??

Which is the best digital assistant for mobile?


No doubt. Google now won it.

In order to compare the performance of these three digital assistants, more than 3000 queries were chosen and the results were compared. All these questions had a simple direct answer like how many centimeters in a meter.

Based on these results, Google now won the competition. Google now’s results were three times the results of Siri and Cortana. For these results, it is evident that Google now is much better than the other.

The study revealed the ability to give more information to Google Now than Cortana and Siri. In addition to the answers for the questions, Google gave several similar information.


Which is the best digital assistant for mobile? 1


When you ask Google Now about the longest river, you will get the result as the Nile. However, it will also show you similar results like the list of rivers by length. You can refer the image below for Google Now results.

When you ask Siri, it will be like a Wikipedia search. You will get some humorous answer sometimes for your questions. It will be more fun hearing to Siri’s funny answers than getting the real answers for your questions. Here is the answer from Siri when asked about the holocaust joke.


Siri response


Let’s come to Cortana. When you ask Cortana, it will collect information from various sources. However, the results will not be correct always. When you ask about Lincoln’s tunnel, you will get the information only about Abraham Lincoln but not about the tunnel.




The study was done by Stone temple corporation. AboveĀ is the data results from them. All the questions were asked with voice commands. From the data, it is confirmed that the Google Now tops the digital assistant for mobile with the accuracy and the number of questions answered.
Some may say Cortana is still in beta condition. But, even it complete, it cannot match Google Now.

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