30 Ways to get quality backlinks to your blog

SEO is divided into two types. One is on page and the other is off page SEO. Quality backlinks are one of the important criteria for off-site or off page SEO. Everyone knows the importance of search engine traffic and that getting only the high-quality backlinks is the best way to get better search engine results. Wondering how to get quality backlinks? Well in this post, we will see 30 ways to get quality links to your blog.

Let’s see some of the don’t’s of link building methods before we jump with the list of getting backlinks.

Don’t go for link networks.
Stop buying links from Fiverr.
You need to understand that directory submissions do not work effectively now.

30 Ways to get quality backlinks to your blog

30 Ways to get quality backlinks to your blog
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30 Ways to get quality backlinks to your blog

Writing unique and quality content will naturally create quality backlinks to your blog. However, you can follow these 30 ways to get quality backlinks to your blog

1. Join blog communities. This is the best way.

2. Participate in discussion boards. Quora is one such board. Ask some questions. Get traffic and also content for your blog post.

3. Social bookmarking. This is one of the best ways. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Stumbleupon, Pinterest etc,


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4. Do comments on other blogs which are do follow. Do not write a single link comment or spam them. Your comment will be deleted if you do so.

5. Write a guest post.

6. Submit to blog directories. Submitting your blog to blogging directories will not increase your traffic. It will only increase your visibility or online presence.

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7. Ask questions on Yahoo and also answer other’s questions on Yahoo answers. When you leave a reply to give a suitable link to your blog that is relevant to the query. Just don’t leave the main URL of your blog.

8. Always interlink to your blog. It also helps to increase your traffic.

9. Be social with other bloggers of your niche. You can also interchange your links. But it should look natural.

10. You can submit your RSS feed to feed directories.

11. Convert your blogs to PDF and submit it to document sharing sites.

12. Review some of the products of your niche. The company will definitely follow you or link back you.

13. Be the first one to review or write about a new product in the market.

14. Post interviews with famous bloggers. You will definitely get more backlinks. It also increases your traffic. You can also ask others to interview you.

15. Post something controversial.

16. Write about upcoming bloggers.

17. Try top list posts.

18. You can create a page for yourself at Wikipedia.

19. Start a contest or offer free downloads. You can also sponsor for contests.

20. Write about celebrities.

21. Write about top bloggers in your country or in your niche. You can make it as top male bloggers or top female bloggers.

22. Create viral youtube videos and share your link.

23. Create an Ebook linking to your site.

24. Submit the image to your blog to image directories.


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25. Write how-to posts.

26. Write tutorials or create a tutorial video which solves the problems.

27. List your products on Ebay or Amazon.

28. Create a podcast and submit it to iTunes.

29. Test products and write reviews. You can also run surveys.

30. Create an app and submit to app directories.



There is no need for blackhat tricks to get quality backlinks. You can follow some of the ways mentioned here to get high-quality backlinks to your blog. If you have more tips, you can mention it in the comments section. If you like this post, please share.

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