3 Lies About Blog Posting Frequency in 2022

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Where you are standing on this divide.

You may be swinging from one side to another.

Sometimes believing in a daily posting on your blog.

After getting tired you might have come to a weekly posting.

And now maybe you are thinking to go fortnightly.

It is likely that one day you would be thinking to post once a month.

Why the whole blogger’s community is divided on posting frequency.

Very simple. Each group of bloggers has its own priorities.

3 Lies About Blog Posting Frequency

Many of them think posting once a month and promoting for the whole month is the best strategy.

Believers in daily posting think that a post speaks of its quality and doesn’t need promotion.

While those who think weekly posting is best to have a balanced approach.

Let’s explore in this post what is the best blog posting frequency for you. Forget about the rest. You need to explore what is best for you and that’s all.

3 Lies About Blog Posting Frequency
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3 Lies About Blog Posting Frequency

What Is Blog Posting Frequency?

The frequency of blog posting means how many posts you should publish in a given period of time.

The whole blogger fraternity is divided on this question. There are three opinions on this issue.

  • Daily one post in a five-day week
  • Once in a week top quality post
  • Publish whenever you write a great post

Divergent views about blog posting

So let’s have a look at various stances on blog posting frequency.

Conventional stance

In the beginning, blog posting daily was so common.

Then the competition rose monumentally. Bloggers felt quantity won’t work in stiff competition. They focused on more quality. Then opinion divided on posting frequency.

Innovative stance

A big group follows blog posting daily and still it is doing. Another new and innovative group of bloggers is for posting weekly.

Their stance is also right. Those who post weekly are equally successful bloggers like those who still post daily.

So we can’t say what is good or what is bad.

Creative stance

Meanwhile, another group stood for posting whenever you have a great post to publish. It is an equally appealing idea.

If a post comes from your heart it will work more than several posts you write following a writing schedule.

What is the best frequency for you?

In my opinion, newbie bloggers must follow quality.

If they can write two high-quality posts in a day go for posting twice in a day. But practically speaking it is not possible to write a high-quality post in that much quantity. So just follow the rule of quality and publish whenever you have a great post.

What is a high-quality post?

A high-quality post means:

  • It must have a binding headline. 80 percent of people decide to read a post after getting inspired by its headline.
  • Free from grammar and punctuation mistake
  • Written in smooth language to be comfortably read by blog readers from the whole world
  • Has a new idea or new aspect of an old idea
  • Must be convincing and impressive
  • Must have a solution to the problem
  • Must prove the authority of the writer

What is 20:80 rule?

This is a quite new rule in the world of blogging.

It means to spend 20 percent of your blogging time on writing and 80 percent promoting it.

To follow this rule weekly posting frequency is the ideal one.

Out of 20 percent, time for writing a post must spend half it to plan the post contents and write a headline.

If a post does not have an awesome headline it will not go viral. So spend your quality time creating a headline that dives into the heart of your readers.

Final Words

That’s all about the lies about blog posting frequency. Just follow the rule mentioned above and I am sure you will achieve success in your blogging journey.

3 Lies About Blog Posting Frequency in 2022
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