Get personalized Google doodle on your Birthday

Whenever you open Google homepage, you can see doodles on Google for special events. It also appears for famous personalities or celebrities birthday. Do you know that you can get your personalized Google doodle for your birthday? Yes, you can. Get personalized doodle on your Birthday by following these steps.

Get personalized Google doodle-on-your-Birthday


In order to receive personalized Google doodle, you need to have Google account and must be signed-in to your account. Moreover, you must have entered your date of birth correctly. Once it is done, you will receive a personalized Google doodle on your birthday. Today is my birthday and the image shown in the personalized Google doodle from my Google.

You can also receive personalized doodle on your Birthday by following the steps below:

Log on to Google Plus from the link
Click on the drop down menu at the left side of the window.
Select the Profile tab.
Click on About page
Navigate to Basic Information section
Click on Edit link available at the bottom of the link.
Update the birth date.

Once done, when you visit Google website and log in to your Google account, your special Doodle will be displayed.


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