Press Pause Please! Are You Analyzing Your Goals?

Are you running behind goals but not achieving them? Or are you running so fast that you do now know where your goals stand? In both cases, you need a “pause” button. Press Pause Please!

Should Links Open In Same Tab Or New Tab?

Should Links Open In Same Tab Or New Tab? This is the question arised in my mind after receiving the following comment in the blog

3 Step Process That Will Make Your Blog Posts Awesome

Do you struggle to write awesome blog posts?Do you get awesome ideas but somehow, are unable to translate them into equally awesome posts? In this post, I will tell you about a simple 3 step process that will help you make your blog posts awesome. It will change they way you write your posts.

Reading Alone Will Not Help You Succeed

Reading alone will Not help you Succeed!Yes, you read it right. No misspellings, no mistakes. Whether you are a regular reader here or a new one, if you read our articles, you have a  low chance of Success. And this applies to every article out there.

How to Spot Clueless Spammer and their Comments

It started quite innocently with a short and sweet comment on one of our blog posts. But after a few weeks, it turned into a curious battle of sorts between post author (Jenny) and a particularly clueless spammer. Normally, there’s no contest between spambots and spam defender plugins that stop them at the door. But […]

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