WPForms vs Formidable Forms: Which Is The Best in 2021?

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Forms are one of the important parts of the website as it helps to create interaction between the website owner and the visitors. In this post, we have compared WPForms and Formidable Forms. Check out this WPForms vs Formidable Forms comparison.

If your website does not have any contact forms, then you will lose many leads.

Following are the top three reason, your website needs to have an contact form.

  1. Security – Reduces spam.
  2. Appearance – Looks Professional.
  3. Way Of Contact – Visitors can easily contact the website owner.

Overview: WPForms vs Formidable Forms

WPForms vs Formidable Forms Comparison
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WPForms vs Formidable Forms

Before we jump into the head to comparison of the forms, it is important to know what are these and how they work.


WPForms is the beginner-friendly contact form using which you can create a form within minutes.

It comes with many features and it is easy to customize.

Conversational forms are one of the best features introduced recently by them.

Click here to check the demo of conversational forms

Formidable Forms

Formidable forms are one of the advanced form builder.

Using it smart form builder, you can create an form within few minutes.

WPForms Vs Formidable Forms Comparison

Both Formidable Forms and WPForms are great form builder. If you are confused to choose one between these two, read this comparison post further.

Features: WPForms Vs Formidable Forms

Features of WPForms

Entry Management: manage all form entries right in the WordPress dashboard in an organized and easy to understand way.

File Uploads: enjoy unlimited file uploads. Plus, easily view them, save them to your Media Library, and even access them in the notification you receive when someone submits a form.

No Limits: Create as many forms as you want, with as many form fields as you want, and accept as many entries as you like, no matter which plans you choose.

Online Signature Capability: collect signatures from site visitors right on your forms for things like contracts and agreements.

Smart Conditional Logic: create as many conditional logic rules as you want, on as many forms as you’d like so your users have the best experience possible and your forms convert

Create great conversational Forms within few clicks.

We have already written an in-depth review post about WPForms. You can check it out here.

Features of Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms too have many features like WPForms. Some of them are:

Allow users to edit form entries, submissions & user-created pages or posts.

Uses conditional logic to show or hide questions based on responses.

Easy to save form and continue later.

Allows users to upload files, photos without limit.

Gives full control of forms with import and export function.

Integration: WPForms vs Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms

Gives the option to store on Google Drive and Dropbox.

Payment gateway like Paypal and Stripe.


WPForms also supports Paypal and Stripe.

It also gives you the storage option with Google Drive and Dropbox.

Both these forms integrate with the best available marketing solutions.

Ease Of Use: WPForms Vs Formidable Forms


Has drag and drop builder.

It is very easy to embed.

Has user friendly interface.

Various templates to make attractive form.

Formidable Forms

Built-in Templates.

Embedding is bit difficult when compared to WPForms.

You need to built your form on your own effort. Also, there is no preview option.

Security: WPForms Vs Formidable Forms


WPForms is very secure. No need for third party app to store the data.

Extra layer of spam protection.

Encrypted data transmission.

Formidable Forms

Automated scans to secure the information.

Regular checks to protect from threats and hacking attempts.

Pricing & Plans: WPForms Vs Formidable Forms

Both these forms comes head to head on most features. So, let us check the pricing which will be deciding factor.


WPForms has a free lite version. The paid plan starts from $39.50/year for the Basic plan to $299.50/year for the Elite plan. All these prices include the discount offered by WPForms.

WPForms Pricing review
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WPForms Pricing

Currently, WPForms is running a discount of 50%. Grab WPForms at discount now.

Formidable Forms

When compared to WPForms, Formidable Forms are expensive.

There are three plans in Formidable Forms.

You can grab their basic plan at $149/year and Elite plan at $599/year. With a discount, you can see the updated prices below.

WPForms vs Formidable Forms -Formidable forms Pricing
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Formidable forms Pricing

Check out: Formidable Forms Black Friday Deals

Conclusion of WPForms vs Formidable Forms

Though WPForms looks cool with some great features, it still has few limitations when compared to Formidable Forms.

For a beginner, WPForms is very easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface and you can create a form within few clicks.

If you need more advanced features like form calculations, cascading lookup fields, Repeaters and some automation, then Formidable Forms is the best option for you.

With this, it is concluded that Formidable Forms is the best when compared to WPForms.

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WPForms vs Formidable Forms: Which Is The Best in 2021?
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