WP Engine eCommerce Hosting: Is it the best in 2023?

Are you considering WP Engine eCommerce hosting for your online store? If so, keep reading this article.

You can find several WordPress and WooCommerce hosting companies with unique features and excellent support in the market. But which service is the best?

In recent years, the web hosting industry has experienced unprecedented growth, which has equally affected eCommerce hosting. 

Nowadays eCommerce hosting services include a standard hosting service, maintenance services as well as optimization. This allows you to focus entirely on your website operations.

WP Engine is one of the best-managed WordPress eCommerce hosting services for online businesses. In this review, you’ll gain an understanding of the platform’s eCommerce hosting services, features, and pricing.

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WP Engine eCommerce Hosting – What makes it different?

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WP Engine eCommerce Hosting

The eCommerce-ready content, themes, store searches, and plugin updates provided by WP Engine make it easy and fast to launch an online store. 

In addition to providing all the necessary security and support features, they also include CDN, StudioPress, and automated smart plugin updates.

With just a few clicks, you can install and launch the eCommerce solution!

A few key factors determine WP Engine eCommerce’s success:

Smart Plugin Manager

Using WP Engine, updating your WordPress plugins is a breeze, as the Smart Plugin Manager updates them automatically.

Additionally, the tool also makes sure your website is secure and checks whether the updates are completed successfully. 

If an update affects your site’s functionality, it will retract the upgrade and restore your website to an earlier version while informing you of the issue, preventing bad updates from hampering your site’s performance.

eCommerce Theme

A quick installation applies the Spend Store Theme, built upon the Genesis Framework, to ensure a professional appearance and feel to your store. 

This theme provides a great foundation for your online store, along with the flexibility to quickly develop engaging content.

You can use the built-in design elements to create a unique store design. You can also customize the theme to fit your business needs.

Additionally, you receive demo sites such as home, cart, checkout, my account, and privacy policy, which you can modify, duplicate, or delete.

You can customize your store further with advanced tools like Genesis Block Pro, StudioPress Themes, and Genesis Framework.

WooCommerce Plugins

The WooCommerce eCommerce platform is popular among WordPress eCommerce websites since it provides high customization abilities. Over 97% of all WordPress eCommerce sites use WooCommerce plugins. 

The WooCommerce plugins make it easy to set up a WordPress eCommerce store, secure the payment gateway and configure shipping options.

WP Engine integrates WooCommerce so you can create your online store. Demo products are added so you can get a thorough understanding of what it’s like to edit products on WooCommerce.

You can access all these demo products through the WP admin dashboard.

In addition to the powerful ElasticSearch option, your store gets an analytics engine to help visitors find the right product faster.

Rather than using old index-based search methods, ElasticSearch provides search suggestions to visitors as they type their queries in the search box.

WP Engine offloads search duties to external servers and increases store performance and flexibility while making the search easier for customers. It helps them find their desired products easily.

WP Engine eCommerce Hosting Features

Here are the features that make WP Engine one of the best eCommerce hosting platforms:

High Performance

Over 50% of users abandon your site if it doesn’t load within five seconds, and almost 80% of these users never return.

WP Engine stresses the importance of website performance to optimize the servers for eCommerce, as well as boost customer engagement.

Caching is done on the server level, but you also have access to a CDN to maintain good site performance.

Staging Services

In keeping with WordPress’s dynamic ecosystem, it is pertinent to point out that not all updates are beneficial as some may hamper your theme due to an unsuitable plugin.

As such, it becomes essential to test an update in a staging environment. WP Engine provides the ability to stage your site in a single click.

In a couple of minutes, you can stage your site in the admin panel, then reactivate the site with a single click.

When staging, WP Engine keeps your database safe while your themes, plugins, and images are updated.


With WP Engine, automatic backups are seamless and automatically created every day during the appropriate time slots.

The backup process is done behind the scenes and keeps your store’s performance intact. In addition, unlike other hosting providers, you can have backups on-demand and restore an older version of your online store at any time.

WP Engine doesn’t let you lose precious data because it continuously backs it up. create backups for your website, transactions, and customers each day.
Whenever something goes wrong with your website, you can back it up in no time with a single click.

Robust Security Features

On the Internet, you will find innumerable opposing forces working continuously to break the security of your site and steal your data.

In addition, WordPress sites are also vulnerable to security threats. However, WP Engine follows all necessary security protocols and houses a seasoned security team to counter any threat immediately.

Many WordPress hosting providers fail to provide adequate security for their clients, but WP Engine provides top-notch security services.

Their teams employ anti-hacking technology, remote backup services, and automatic update practices to safeguard your website. They notify you of the security update as soon as it is implemented while also notifying you of the same.

Speed and Performance Optimization

A fast-loading website is key to lead generation and conversion. Your customers don’t want to wait, so they switch to more reliable stores. But WP Engine’s impeccable CDN and caching enable lightning-fast performance.

By caching content on the servers, WP Engine reduces server load when your website is loaded.

Furthermore, they also use a robust CDN powered by NetDNA, which allows visitors to reach your site on the go. Global server networks ensure faster services for your website.

24×7 Support System

WP Engine houses a massive team of over 100 WordPress experts that are intimately familiar with the technologies that power your website.

This enables WP Engine to provide necessary support on the go to handle any complexity you might encounter with your online store.

The company provides 24-7 customer service and thanks to the rigorous practices of their support staff, more than 98% of customers are satisfied.

WP Engine eCommerce Hosting Plans

Here’s the pricing for WP Engine eCommerce hosting.

WP Engine ecommerce hosting plans
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WP Engine eCommerce hosting plans
  1. eCommerce Hosting Startup – $30 a month – 1 WordPress Install
  2. eCommerce Hosting Professional – $62.50 a month – 3 WordPress Installs
  3. eCommerce Hosting Growth – $116.67 a month – 10 WordPress Installs
  4. eCommerce Hosting Scale – $291.67 a month – 30 WordPress Installs
  5. eCommerce Hosting Custom – According To Your Requirements
Plan NameSites IncludedVisits/ monthLocal StorageBandwidth/ month
eCommerce Hosting Startup12500010 GB50 GB
eCommerce Hosting Professional37500015 GB125 GB
eCommerce Hosting Growth1010000020 GB200 GB
eCommerce Hosting Scale3040000050 GB500 GB
eCommerce Hosting CustomCustomCustomCustomCustom

4 months FREE on Any Annual Shared Plan

Coupon Code: wpe4free

Restrictions: Offer valid for new customers purchasing any eCommerce Startup, Professional, Growth, or Scale plan. (Not valid for existing customers, upgrades, or any other product purchase.)

Offer Validity: Till July 31, 2023

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Pros and Cons of WP Engine’s eCommerce Hosting

As with any eCommerce hosting, WP Engine has its pros and cons. Here is a comparison.


  • There is a 99.5% uptime guarantee on WP Engine.
  • The customer satisfaction rate of 97%
  • An exclusive content delivery network (CDN)
  • A total of 36 WordPress themes are available.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered.
  • Backups are automatically performed.
  • Excellent website staging environment


  • Somewhat higher costs
  • There is no domain registration.
  • Only available for WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Email hosting is not available.

Final Words

The WP Engine eCommerce hosting service is brilliant in many ways. Although it is a bit expensive, it is totally worth it.

They offer many customization options, take security seriously, and provide a reliable uptime guarantee. WP Engine is a recommended choice for eCommerce hosting that offers scalable solutions for your business.

After thoroughly reviewing WP Engine’s services and features, you can effortlessly choose the most appropriate plan for your business website!

WP Engine eCommerce Hosting: Is It The Best?
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Support


The eCommerce hosting service by WP Engine is well worth the price tag, even if it seems a bit on the expensive side at first glance.

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