How To Create A WordPress Form With Payment Option Easily in 2023?

Wondering how to create a WordPress form with payment option?

Then you are in the right place.

Check out this post and learn how you can create a form with a payment option on your WordPress website.

You do not need a full eCommerce store to accept payments on your site. If you are using WordPress and selling services or products, there are other alternatives to using WooCommerce.

You just need to use the right tool to get your work done.

How To Create A WordPress Form With Payment Option?

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How To Create A WordPress Form With a Payment Option

There are many ways to collect payments on your WordPress site. One of the easiest ways is to use a form and integrate a payment option with it.

Let us see the best way to create a WordPress Form with a payment option to collect payments.

Create A WordPress Form Using WPForms

We will use WPForms to create a form with payment processing.

WPForms is one of the best plugins which comes with a drag-and-drop form builder option.

If you have purchased the license, you can download the core files from its site. The name of the file is

To install the plugin, navigate to Plugins Add New > Upload Plugin and then select the downloaded zip file. Then click Install Now > Activate Plugin.

There are many types of forms available on WPForms. Some of the most used forms are:

  • Contact form
  • Registration form
  • Lead generation form
  • Order form
  • Charity form
  • Blog subscription form
  • Job application form
  • Newsletter signup form

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You can create a form easily in WPForms. From the dashboard of your WordPress site, click on WPForms. Click on Add New.

You will have the setup page with different form options. Just click on the billing/order form.

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Creating Order Form on WPForms

Customize The Form

Once you have added the form, you need to customize it. On the default form, you can see some basic fields such as the customer’s name, email, contact number, and address. 

You can drag and drop the fields you want to add to your form.

The main aim is to add the payment option though you can use most of the default options.

Scroll down to the “Available Items” section on the form builder and click on it. Next, the “Field Options” will show in the left panel.

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customizing the order form

Here’re a few main things that you can do in the Payment field options:

Rename your products
Change your prices
Add more items
Delete products
Show product photos in your order form by checking the “Use image choices” box
Add a short description of your products
Once you’re satisfied with your form, click “Save” to continue.

Integrate Online Payment Processing

After customizing the form, you need to integrate the payment processing option into your form.

WPForms supports both Stripe and Paypal. Once you decide on the payment processor, you need to activate that addon. Just go to the WPForms”> “Addons” page from your dashboard.

After activating the payment processing addon, click “Payment” in the left sidebar.

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Integrating Payment processor on the order form

Next, to set up the payment processor, choose either:

(a) Paypal Standard: If you want to get payments through Paypal you can select this option.

Simply enter your PayPal email address.
Choose “Production” under Mode.
Under Payment Type, select “Products and Services”.


(b) Stripe: Select this option if you want to get payments through a credit card.

Connect your WordPress to Stripe by entering secret keys in your WPForms settings.
Go to “Payment” > “Stripe”, click enable Stripe Payments, and write a short payment description.
Select “Email” under Stripe Payment Receipt if you prefer to send purchase receipts to customers.

Tip: Use the MonsterInsights plugin to track your form performance.

Configure Settings On Your Form

Once the form gets completed, a notification or confirmation will be sent. This will help you improve customer satisfaction and improve your sales.

Once you click on Settings, you will three different options.

a.General – Here you can name your form, add a description, and extra features such as spam prevention and more options.

b.Notifications – Here you can customize the notifications for your form. This option will help you send the notification email to the website owner.

c.Confirmation – Here you can set up the confirmation message that is shown to the customers. There are 3 types of messages you can use

  1. Message – A simple confirmation message that appears after the form gets completed.
  2. Specific Page – This option shows a specific thank you page after the form is completed.
  3. Redirect to specific URL – Redirects the users to any page on your website or another website.
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Order confirmation message setup

You can choose any of the confirmation messages and update the settings.

Add Your Order Form to Your WordPress Site

The final step is to add the order form to your site.

You can add the order form anywhere on the site like posts, pages, and sidebars.

To add the form to a blog post or page, click the “+” icon on your editor and select the WPForms widget. Once the widget is added to your content, simply choose the form you’ve created and then click “Save”.

That’s it. Your payment form is now live on your site. Select the items you want and it will show you the total price.

Final Words

That’s all about creating a WordPress form with payment options in 5 easy steps.

All payment forms are mobile-responsive so they will work perfectly on every device. 

Are you ready to get payments on your site?

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