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How to Improve your Client Communication with WordPress Feedback Plugin in 2024?

Feedback reveals some areas where the company may need to improve. With feedback collected through customer reviews and surveys, high-tech companies can make improvements in their products or services by updating features and ensuring there are no bugs. Check out this post and learn how you can improve your client communication using the WordPress feedback plugin.

What is Feedback?

Feedback is a vital part of the product improvement process.

When customers encounter problems with a product or service, they can offer constructive criticism, which not only helps keep companies accountable but also gives them insight into what changes should be made in future revisions of their products.

To encourage such participation, businesses should provide an outlet for users to share their thoughts — and get rewarded while they’re at it.

What is Direct Client Feedback and Why it is Important?

Direct client feedback is a communication method between you and your clients that happens without going through a third party.

This type of feedback can be incredibly beneficial as it allows you to get an accurate understanding of what your clients want and need from you.

It will be more efficient and can help improve the quality of your service. WordPress professionals often use direct client feedback to get better insights into how they can improve their services.

Helps you Deliver a Quality Project that meets the Client’s Needs

As a freelancer, it’s important to know what your clients are looking for so that you can deliver your best work.

Asking questions — and getting clients involved in the process — will help you create exactly what they’re hoping for.

The more specific you are about your client’s vision, the easier it will be for them to guide you along the way.

Helps Streamline Processes

As a business owner, time is money and every minute you can save is one you can use more effectively.

That’s why some of the most successful brands are implementing real-time messaging on their websites to communicate with clients.

This communication tool allows businesses to take on board ideas from customers and allows them to rectify issues as soon as they arise — cutting down on shopping cart abandonment and improving customer satisfaction.

When you have input from those you serve, it becomes easier to understand what’s causing friction and how to resolve issues that are preventing ideal experiences.

Makes Customers Feel Valued

You’re probably aware of how critical it is to keep your consumers happy.

After all, happy customers are more likely to use your business again and refer others to it.

Paying attention to customer feedback is one of the finest strategies to guarantee customer satisfaction.

You can show your customers that you value their opinions and are dedicated to giving them the greatest experience possible by taking the time to solicit their direct feedback.

Projects A Professional Image

Client feedback demonstrates that the agency is professional and trustworthy. This can be a very important factor in deciding which agency to hire.

Clients want to know that they are getting the best possible service, and this is only possible when they feel like they are being listened to.

Agencies that provide feedback on their work are more likely to be hired by clients because it shows them how the agency values their opinion.

Helps measure Customer Satisfaction

Feedback is a vital part of the customer service process. Feedback helps measure customer satisfaction, it also helps to improve the quality of services and products.

It is important to know what customers want and how they feel about your services or products.

Businesses need to collect feedback periodically to understand the latest trends and needs in the industry.

Helps Speed up the Design Process

Feedback is crucial for designers. It helps them see what works and what doesn’t work.

In the design process, feedback can be in the form of a conversation or a critique. The designer will get feedback from the client and they will also get feedback from their peers by showing their designs to them and getting their opinions on them.

Feedback helps speed up the design process because it allows designers to fix problems before they go too far down the wrong path.

Save Time and Money by using multiple platforms (email, messages, SMS, etc.)

Time truly equals money in the current business world.

You want to make sure that every minute matters in your attempts to attract the maximum number of customers and traffic to your business.

This can be achieved easily by using client feedback on multiple platforms like email, messages, and SMS. This way you do not need to wait for a phone call or scheduled meeting.

How to collect Client Feedback from your Website?

Improve your Client Communication with WordPress Feedback Plugin
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Improve your Client Communication with the WordPress Feedback Plugin

There are several ways available to collect client feedback from your website. However, in this post, we will see some important methods.

Feedback Form

Feedback forms are used to gather information from your customers. They are often found on the contact, about, and contact us pages and can be used as a way to get information from visitors, and sometimes as a way to get feedback from customers.

Forms can be designed in a variety of ways, and many factors affect the design of a feedback form. Elements like the number and format of questions, length of the form, and design of the form can all affect the amount of feedback you get.


  • Helps identify the current trends
  • Understand the needs of the customer
  • Speeds up the process


  • Not all users fill out the form
  • Some users do not wish to share their details online
  • Could be time-consuming

Email Communication

Email is a promising channel for small and large businesses, allowing firms to connect with their customers and prospects.

It doesn’t matter if you are running an online business or a local store — email communication can be an effective tool for improving relationships with your customers and boosting your business.

According to Spark, email marketing is effective and inexpensive, with an average return on investment of $44.25 for every $1 spent.


  • Very easy to use
  • Get feedbacks quickly
  • Can reach a large number of people


  • Not all people respond to emails
  • Not all emails land in the inbox (some may reach the promotion or junk folder)

Project Management System

Getting feedback from your clients is a difficult task. Especially when you have a hard time tracking down their emails or you have no accurate way to document the feedback.

Project Management System is a powerful tool that helps you to manage your projects effectively and communicate with your clients. It is a web-based application that gathers all the feedback in one place so that you can track them down anytime.

A project management system, in brief, is a crucial tool for getting honest customer feedback and making sure projects are successful.


  • Clients will have the latest updates
  • Easy project tracking


  • Difficult to feedback from all clients
  • Not all clients will understand the system
  • Difficult to setup
  • Costly

Direct Feedback Using A Plugin

Most websites are using feedback and contact forms to get customer feedback. But, the problem is the users don’t like to fill out the forms and submit them, instead, they want to directly contact you.

That’s why today I am going to share a simple solution that can help you get this type of customer feedback directly from your WordPress website.

You can use a feedback plugin for your WordPress website. With the use of the plugin, you can easily gather feedback from your customers, which in turn will help you to improve your business.


  • Easy to install the plugin
  • Offers a wide range of features
  • Get quick feedback
  • Affordable solution


  • May not guarantee that you will get feedback from all
  • The site may slow down if the number of plugins used increases

Project Huddle – Best WordPress Feedback Plugin

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Project Huddle

Depending on your needs, you can choose any one of the methods mentioned above.

Using the WordPress feedback plugin is the best way to improve communication with your client.

Project Huddle is one such feedback plugin for your WordPress website.

The Project Huddle plugin has been developed to help teams track feedback on each stage of a project.

The plugin is aimed at making the feedback process easier for your team and for your customers. It is a great tool for companies who want to improve the customer experience and work better with their customers.

The best Features of Project Huddle

Following are some of the notable features of project huddle:

  • Manage unlimited projects from a single dashboard.
  • Add unlimited clients and colleagues.
  • Leave comments directly on the top of live website designs.
  • Keep track of mockup changes with versions.
  • Restore previous versions with one click.
  • Easily sync with Sketch designs.
  • Connect Project Huddle with 1500+ apps using Zapier.
  • Simple and easy to assign and resolve issues.
  • Use markdown for comment replies.


We have seen several ways to get feedback. The best one is to use the feedback plugin.

With Projecthuddle, you can get feedback from your client easily and use it to improve your business.

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