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10 Tips For A Smarter Attractive Website in 2024

Are you searching for tips for a smarter attractive website?

Then you are in the right place.

Check out this blog post and learn about the tips to make your website attractive.

10 Tips For A Smarter Attractive Website

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Tips For A Smarter Attractive Website

There is always room for improvement, whether it concerns our lives or our websites.

Given the fact that your website might look attractive on the face of it, there can be a number of ways in which you can enhance its appearance and functionality.

Just like you cannot expect life to change overnight, you also need to acknowledge the fact that it takes time for your website to adjust and function with its newfound look.

For all those website owners who are looking to make their website become a near-perfect entity for the business, this is a perfect to-do guide described in the form of 10 viable website-revamping tips.

To design a great website with a better user experience, you need to understand the visitor’s problem and act accordingly. Here are the tips for a smarter attractive website.

Make Web Security Your Top Priority

It is a common phenomenon for unsecured websites to fall prey to phishing and data-breach attacks.

If in case your website is not secured, you should immediately wrap it with a blanket of security that is offered by an SSL certificate.

A Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate protects your website with a standard security HTTPS protocol that enables you to encrypt all the sensitive and customer-centric information that is exchanged between your customer and your browser.

So, your first step towards revamping your website would be to sign up with a reliable Certificate Authority that will help you get an SSL certificate for a reasonable price.

Once you have signed up with a reputable CA, your website will be regarded as ‘secure’. This label on your website will prompt visitors to confidently share their financial information without the fear of getting compromised.

Employ A Mobile-Friendly Template

Given the fact that most of the web surfing happens while on the go, mobiles have become the be-all and end-all of all online communications.

It is for this reason that your website should be in line with this trend by employing a mobile-friendly template.

A mobile responsive template, once added to your website will help you attract the attention of mobile visitors.

By paying attention to how your website looks on the small screens of mobiles, you will be in good stead with what the customers of today are looking for.

While doing so, you should also keep a close watch on the visitors’ experience along with the bounce rate.

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Always Backup Your Website

If you realize the fact that life is so uncertain, you should also apply the same inference to websites. Anything can go wrong in a jiffy, more so with websites. Hence it is the need of the hour for you to be prepared for the worst.

Preparation is all about backing up your website. You should make sure that you constantly back up pertinent information including customer data and other stored elements of your website.

You will be risking the confidence of your customers if you do not have a regular backup practice.

So, it is highly recommended that you back up your website so that you can immediately reverse the adverse effects of a data breach attack that can happen at any point in time.

Be Watchful Over Your Page Loading Speed

Another element of your website that demands a close watch is the page load speed.

It is an important data point to note that most websites lose half their visitors to slow-loading pages. Hence, you should always check whether your website is loading fast without keeping the visitors waiting for what they wish to look at.

Website owners looking to revamp their sites should constantly measure their page load speeds.

For this, you may check out the free page speed testing app called the Google Mobile Website Speed Tester.

Once you run your website through this app, you will be able to identify all the major obstacles that are adversely affecting your page loading speed. 

With the list of impediments in hand, you will be able to address the exact issue that is causing slow page loads.

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Not to Forget That White Spaces Provide An Aesthetic Appeal

When you are adopting a mobile-friendly website template, you should also pay attention to all the elements that should be soothing to the eyes of the visitors.

It is in this context that you should consciously include white spaces as a clear demarcation between individual pages and between the various informative sections of your site. A crammed-up website does not go well with your visitors.

White spacing does the trick of easing the strain on the eyes that are caused by viewing long-form blogs or blocks of running text on small screens.

Stock Images – A Strict ‘No’

You should acknowledge the fact that websites that show up the happy faces of unknown people do not serve any purpose.

On the contrary, they project a false picture of your business since such images do not indicate the happiness quotient of your real satisfied customers.

They also simply drain your storage space. On the flip side, investing in original and high-quality pictures of your real customers can go a long way in demonstrating your mission statement and brand image to visitors.

Unleash the Power of Social Engagement

Websites are all about engaging with your customers as part of your lead generation strategy. It is for this very reason that it should become your priority to know the visitors who are checking your site.

Once you get to know who they are, you have a brighter chance to engage with them and know them closely apart from getting their feedback about your offerings.

To arrive at this favorable position, you must add social sharing buttons to your website.

These buttons enable your website to get ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, and other social networks. These social sharing buttons can also help you invite site visitors to your website.

This is another functional tip that can be employed by all e-merchants.

Ensure An Annual Upgrade To Your Theme

The first impression is indeed the best impression. The look of your website is what attracts your visitors. Hence it is a norm with most web publishing interfaces to periodically show up new skins or themes.

This is a refreshing way to attract customers along with keeping your existing visitors in good stead. So an annual upgrade to your theme would be beneficial to all website owners in more ways than they can imagine.

Let Videos Do The Talking

To be in sync with the latest trends in the much-needed advice for any website owner.

Currently, videos are calling the shots for almost all websites. However, it is important that you embed basic and small videos talking about your offerings.

A caveat here would be to refrain from making these videos play automatically through the ‘auto-play’ option.

Team Up With A Good Cloud Storage Provider

Lastly, your storage space dictates the performance of your website.

In the event your website runs many videos along with a host of media elements, it is advisable for you to sign up with a renowned Cloud storage provider who can help you with your storage requirements.

Key Takeaways

That’s all about the tips for a smarter attractive website. The 10 tips that were discussed at length will definitely help all the e-merchants to provide an aesthetic and highly-functional website to their visitors.

Once you sport the new look of your website, the entire online fraternity will admire you for your creativity and forward-thinking, eventually improving your sales and profits.

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