Things to Consider Before Applying for Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a top quality advertisement network. It is one of the most effective methods to monetize sites especially the blogs. Many of the bloggers try to do google adsense sign up, but most of them fail to get approval. Do you know why it happens? In a sentence, it’s because of policy violation. They go through quite strict rules and requirements. So, we bound to admit the rules in order to get the desired google adsense account. Here are the Things to Consider Before Applying for Google Adsense.

Did you struggle a lot and unfortunately couldn’t make a way out? This blog post is referred to you. First of all, check google adsense policies. Here important points are explained. Somehow many people couldn’t get approved even following these rules. Is it their fault? It may be but I think adsense published their rules, but not in details. I have come to share the important preconditions that we have to apply before applying for google adsense program.

Things to Consider Before Applying for Google Adsense

There are thousand of tweaks we could make for a better blog. But I am introducing the top 5 things that are generally measured by Adsense.

Things to Consider Before Applying for Google Adsense

Things to Consider Before Applying for Google Adsense

Choose Top Level Domain Names

There is a ton of domain names available with different extensions. Let you know that extension is the finishing element of a domain. As an example, my domain is Here extension is .com. You have already seen many variations in these extensions. There are also many sub domains available. So, which one you would prefer for google adsense?

The top level domain names are the root domains with such common extensions like com, org, net etc. The extension doesn’t matter a lot in this case. But we have to keep root domains. It is also possible to get approval for sub domains, but that is not safe. Even getting an adsense account with sub domains will be really hard.

Why are you going through difficult strategies? Just grab a top level domain with low price and then apply effortlessly.  Keep in mind that adsense prohibits crack, adult and gambling sites. So, never include any of these terms in your domain.

Produce Helpful Amount of Unique Contents

There is no such rule with exact number of contents. I heard that many people have got their adsense with only 40-50 posts. I also heard some others couldn’t get even with 500 posts. So there is no exact number or limit for contents. You won’t believe I have got my adsense account with only 16 posts in another blog. The domain was only 20 days old.

As there is no limit for contents, you should create high quality fresh contents. Google always loves fresh contents. Duplicate and copyrighted contents would be the main obstacles for not getting approved. I think, you will be also interested to get a google adsense account with a very low number of contents. So, you have to write detailed and informative posts. Keep all of your blog categories filled with contents.

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Note: Many bloggers write 300-400 words and consider these as high quality. But it is not exactly. A high quality content is that one which could solve all of the problems on the topic. That’s why it is gonna longer. Longer posts are always better. I will advise you to write posts with at least 800+ words.

Create Important Pages and Sections

A website or blog is full with useful pages and sections. Some important pages are contact, about and terms page. These improve usability and experience. The Google Adsense team will look for these pages because of higher user experience. Let me describe how these pages work.

  • Contact Page: This is the page where contact form and information are located. That is the way to approach the admin for any kind of helps. The contact page will provide better usability.
  • About Page: The about page will provide the history of the blog and the founder. It is because sometimes the readers want to read about the owner of the blog. In this situation, it is important.
  • Terms and Conditions Page: This page is for specifying the rules of users. This page reveals how the users should interact, how they should use your blog etc. This type of page will help the adsense team understand that the blog is strict with its policy. They would love to approve the blog in their program.

Make User and SEO Friendly Blog Structure

Blog structure is another important thing which should be emphasized. Google’s team would love good user and SE crawlers friendly structure. It is one of the major parts where they will look for sure.

A good structure means good navigation, typography, widget, logo, loading speed, bounce rate and so on. First of all choose a good blogging platform, a user friendly theme, optimize pages for search engines, reduce loading time. When you are done, just revise your website from the view of a reader. If you think the design is appreciated and helpful, the google adsense approval team would love to.

Some days ago, I did wordpress vs blogger comparison. In that comparison, wordpress is the winner. For wordpress, it would be easy to produce a beautiful structure. All things could be done just using a premium theme. I prefer premium themes rather than free. These themes will be previously optimized by the developer. You should also use it if you want to produce an excellent structure. The recommend themes provider is Mythemeshop Themes.

Remove Other Ad Programs

In google’s terms and conditions, it is clarified that they will not allow other programs with them. So, you have to make sure that there are no other ones when signing up for google adsense.

It is true that many people would love to use several programs for better earning. But these will not work with adsense except a few. I think this program is better than any other program. I wish, you would give it higher priority.

Other Tweaks That Would Be Appreciated If You Could

  • The recommend blog age is 6 months for applying. It would be higher or lower.
  • Make sure your blog is not blocked by Google.
  • Your age should be 18+ or you will be declined.
  • Don’t get paid traffic. There is no requirement with traffic.
  • Avoid copyrighted images. They will not allow blogs with copyrighted things.
  • Don’t make adult, gambling and hacking sites.
  • Use English or other adsense safe languages for contents.

Conclusion of Applying For Google Adsense

Google adsense is the biggest advertisement network and my favorite one too. There are many programs but this one is beyond all. So, you should try for this one at first. If you fail, you could use the alternatives. But make intention to get an approved google adsense account.

I tried to explain what we should do before google adsense sign up. I wish you would apply all of these for getting instant approval.

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