Simple Guide to Buy Expired Domains in 2021

Wondering why you should buy expired domains?

There are many benefits of buying expired domains. Expired domains are important to setup PBNs.

With the help of PBNs, we can easily rank the website. Apart from that, you have monetary benefit in buying the expired domains.

In this post, I will explain steps which will be like a simple guide to buy expired domains.

Tips to buy expired domains

Simple Guide to Buy Expired Domains
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Simple Guide to Buy Expired Domains

There are several spammy websites available over the internet.  Before buying expired domains, we need to check few important things.

This post will help you understand the following

1. What is expired domain and how to check whether it is spam site or not before buying expired domains?
2. Steps to evaluate the expired domains.
3. What are the benefits of buying expired domains?
4. How much should you pay to buy the expired domains?
5. How to check the metrics of the expired domains before you buy expired domains?
6. Where to buy expired domains?

What is expired domain?

Expired domains are those domain names which are not renewed.

When you register a domain name, you will get the options for the number of years you wish to register that domain name.

Mostly, domains are registered only for one year and it will be renewed after that.

If it expires, you will get some grace period. If it is still not renewed, it will be removed from the zone files and it will be available for others to buy it.

What are the benefits of buying an expired domain?

There are many benefits of buying expired domains. I have listed some of the benefits here

1. Backlinks

Most of the expired domains have lots of backlinks. It can range from 100 to 10000s depending on the domain age. If you get expired domains related to your niche it will benefit you.

2. PR, DA, and PA

Though PR is not updated, it will be good having a high PR expired domain name. Most of the expired domain have high PR. DA and PA will also be high for most expired domains. You need to check it before buying the expired domains.

3. Review posts

If you set up a blog using one of the expired domains and use it as the main blog, you will easily get sponsored review posts and you can easily make money with the help of the expired domain.

4. Outbound links

You can also make money by selling outbound links. You can also give sitewide links to your event blogs and rank those blogs easily with the expired domains.

Old is Gold

Old is good - Simple Guide to Buy Expired Domains
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Old is good

Like the old vintage car shown above, the expired domains are a fortune.  You need to select the best one with good metrics.

Metrics required for buying expired domains

Check the Domain Authority and Page Authority of the expired domains

Check the Domain Authority and Page Authority of the expired domains. Moz introduced the term Domain Authority.

Since PR is no longer updated, DA and PA page an important role while buying the expired domains.

Use the Moz Open site explorer to site the domain authority and the page authority of the expired domains.

Check CT, TF, and RD of the expired domains

Another important factor apart from DA is the CT and TF of the expired domains. TF is Trust flow and CF is citation flow.

RD is the referring domain. We need to check these three thoroughly before buying the expired domains.

Citation Flow: It is metric that is calculated based on the backlinks pointing to it. It varies from 0 to 100.

Trust Flow: It is metric that is calculated based on the trustworthiness of the websites that links to it. It the links comes from high authority and trustworthy sites, then it will be high.

Referring Domains: Always check the referring domains to the website. It should be high. If there are many .edu and .gov backlinks, you can leave the website.

You can use Majestic SEO to check these factors.

Check Adsense ban

We are buying the expired domains to make money.  Since most of the expired domains are of high quality, we can easily make money with the AdSense.

We need to make sure that the expired domains are not banned from Adsense. If so, we cannot use our Google AdSense ads on those expired domains.

Check the keywords and the traffic of the website.

SEMrush provides Search engine data for the website. With this data, you can check the keywords used on the website.

Google penalty

Check domain with Google banned checker and make sure it is not banned.

If the domain has good metrics and you really like it, you can request Google to reconsider even if it is banned.

Backlinks relevancy

Since the expired domains have many backlinks we need to check the relevancy of the backlinks.

a. visit the link and check if it really exists.
b. Check for no follow and dofollow links on the website.
c. Check for contextual links.

The ratio of do follow and no follow can be anywhere from 30/100 to 40/100.

If the website has more outbound links on the page, it will be considered as the link farm. Beware of these websites.


PR is one of the important factors to buy an expired domain which are more than 3 years old. Though PR is not updated, it still plays a good factor in ranking the website.

PR can be faked and it is important you need to check the page rank of the expired domains it before buying it. PR of the domain can be easily faked by redirecting it to the site with high PR.

Go to google search bar and type

Replace and enter the name of the website you are going to buy.

Check whether the website redirects or not.

Be aware of the websites with PR more than 7. Most of them will always be scam one.

You can also use this Fake PR checker tool to check the PR authenticity of the expired domains.

Where to buy expired domains?

There are many sites from where you can buy expired domains. You can buy it from source wave market, authoritywebsiteincome., domcop, moonsy, Godaddy auctions are the most commonly used sites for buy expired domains.  There are also many Facebook groups to sell expired domains.

How much you pay for the expired domains?

The price of the expired domains depends on the factors explained above. An expired domain will good score on all the above-mentioned metrics will be higher.  Below is the normal rate for buying the expired domain.

PR2 – $10
PR3 – $40
PR4 – $100
PR5 – $150 – $200
PR6 – $300+

List of places where you can buy expired domains

4. DomCop
6. NameJet
7. SnapNames


This is the simple and best guide to buying expired domains. I have explained all the major factors related to buying the expired domains.

So, by this guide, you came to know everything related to expired domains. If you have any questions then comment down and if you liked this article, please share it.

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Simple Guide to Buy Expired Domains in 2021
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  1. Hi Umapathy,

    Informative post indeed 🙂

    I had no idea about PBNs and the use of expired domains. So, this was something new for me, even though I don’t think I’d be getting down to doing it myself.

    However, this seems like a good guide explaining everything one needs to know about buying expired domains. Once I bought a domain, which I thought was a fresh domain, but got to know later that it was used earlier. I guess I bought an expired domain, unknowingly.

    Thanks for the guide, which would help if I ever wish to purchase any expired domain. Have a nice week and wonderful new year ahead 🙂

  2. Hi Harleena mam,

    Glad to hear that you are able to learn something new from this post. PBNs and Expired domains will help you rank and bank easily if you set it up properly.

    Happy new year!!


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