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Sellzone Review 2024: Best Tool For Amazon Sellers

Are you looking for an honest Sellzone review?

Then you are in the right place.

I have tested and tried Sellzone for Amazon affiliate websites. Check out this post for the complete Sellzone review and learn why it is the best tool for Amazon Sellers.

SellZone Review

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Sellzone Review

About Sellzone

The impact of Amazon on the online marketplace is well-known. It is a global marketplace with millions of sellers.

Every merchant wants to have more sales, scale up and expand their business after listing valuable products.

An award-winning service, Sellzone is offered by the SEO company Semrush. Amazon got so many buyers – more than you thought. Therefore, when you launch your product into the market, you will face tough competition.

To dominate the market, you need someone to assist you with the product audit.  

Sellzone is not available as a separate tool. It is now a part of SEMrush tool. Once you sign up for SEMrush plan, you can access it for free.

So if you’re one of those who are seeking to scale up your eCommerce business using Amazon then Sellzone will serve you well. It is designed to serve the same purpose.

Sellzone comes with cutting-edge features such as:

  • Listing Protection
  • Traffic Insights
  • Split Testing
  • Listing Quality Check
  • Keyword Wizard

These methods will help you optimize your product pages for better conversion rates. To outrank your competition, you must start using this platform.

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Why Sellzone?

Sellzone was designed exclusively to help Amazon.com merchants and sellers grow their businesses. The software uses the expertise of Semrush (one of the industry’s leading digital marketing tools developers).

Sellzone began its journey as an Amazon tool that listed split tests, but today it focuses on optimizing product pages, managing listing performance, and identifying sales growth opportunities.

Best Features of Sellzone

Here are some of the best features of the Sellzone tool:

Listing Protection

Listing Protection - Sellzone review
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Don’t be a victim of listing hijacking or other undesirable listing changes that lead to substantial traffic loss.

This listing protection tool will track your keyword rankings, ownership of your buys boxes, price, suppressions of listings, and more.

It tracks the ranking of your Amazon listings and sends you an alert if it detects any changes. It is easy to set up both email and SMS notifications for this.

Keyword Wizard

You can use this tool to find profitable and low-competition keywords for your products based on what people are searching for on the Amazon website.

Let’s see what it shows when I search for a keyword.

Keyword Wizard - Sellzone Review
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There are multiple filtering options available, such as broad matching, phrase matching, and exact matching. In addition, you can apply a filter in the searches, i.e. <1000 volume per month and competitors <5.

Traffic Insights

Traffic Insights - Sellzone review
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If you want to move ahead of your competitors, you must analyze your traffic insights.

Separate tools have been developed by Sellzone for advertisers seeking out the most lucrative external traffic sources.

Using this tool, you can generate detailed reports from various traffic sources, including Google organic traffic and referral ads.

In addition, it allows you to analyze the promotional strategies of your competitors.

Listing Quality Check

Listing Quality Check - Sellzone Review
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It’s an audit tool for Sellzone. Through this tool, you can get actionable advice from Sellzone to increase your visibility and conversion rates.

Using this tool is very simple. Just paste the listing URL or ASIN and click the Check Button.

This tool lets you know if a title, description, visual, or image contains errors. To make your product better, you need to fix these issues as a merchant.

If you have an account with Sellzone, then you can start auditing the products right now, fix the errors, and increase conversions.

Split Testing

Split Testing - Sellzone review
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Any online business owner knows about A/B split testing. We use it to find the best-performing optimization. Let’s say we have a landing page with an email signup form and a CTA button.

The current layout and content are not performing well according to your expectations, so you need to try something else.

The new structure, design, and content, on the other hand, may perform better if they are performing well at the moment.

This is A/B testing.

Using Sellzone, you can do A/B testing on your Amazon product pages for image, wording, and pricing. Y

You’ll then be able to determine which variant of your listing performs best, improve your product pages, sell more products, and ultimately increase your revenue.

By connecting your Amazon Seller Central account to Sellzone, you can import your products for split testing.

Sellzone Pricing

Sellzone offers a fairly affordable and reasonable pricing model. Therefore, it is a great resource for sellers on Amazon.

Since Sellzone has become a part of SEMrush, you need to sign up for SEMrush to use sellzone features.

The plan details are given below:

Sellzone Price - Sellzone Review
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Is There Any Trial Period?


The majority of us would love to test the premium features for free. Sellzone offers a 7-day trial period. Upon signing up for the premium plan, you can test the features for the next 7 days.

There will be no charge. After the trial period ends, you will be charged. Additionally, you can cancel your paid subscription at any time.

What is Sellzone?

Sellzone helps you grow your Amazon product selling business. You can use a number of tools to grow your business with it.

Is Sellzone Free?

Sellzone is a freemium product with a free introductory plan.

Is Sellerly & Sellzone Same?

Yes, Sellerly has been rebranded to Sellzone

Which Amazon Marketplaces do Sellzone support?

Sellzone is currently available only for the US Amazon marketplace.


That’s all about the Sellzone Review.

Selling products on Amazon with Sellzone is easy. Try the free version of the platform if you need to test its features. You can test the premium plan for more optimization options if it is performing well and seeing growth.

This is a highly recommended tool for Amazon sellers.

Sellzone Review: Best Tool For Amazon Sellers
  • Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Reliability
  • Pricing
  • Support


Amazon sellers should try Sellzone because its enhanced product listings can improve conversions. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require a learning  curve. Its tools and low prices make it an attractive option for any Amazon merchant. 

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