How To Increase Conversions with Multi-Step Popups Easily in 2021

Wondering how to use multi-step popups to increase conversions?

Then you are in the right place.

Check out this post and learn to Increase Conversions with Multi-Step Popups using OptinMonster.

How To Increase Conversions with Multi-Step Popups?

Increase Conversions with Multi-Step Popups
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Increase Conversions with Multi-Step Popups

Many people thinks that single step optin is the best way to increase conversion.

But it is exactly the opposite. Using multi-step popups increases the conversions and revenue for a website.

As per Zeigarnik effect, people usually finishes the process they started.

What is a Multi-Step Popup?

A multi-step popup is a popup where you will have multiple steps instead of single optin option.

In other words, instead of a single step, the visitor will go through 2 or 3 steps to complete the action.

The user clicks a link that is followed by a popup. Completes the call to action and a thank you message is displayed.

A typical yes/no multistep popup is shown below.

multi step popup sample
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All the smart marketers use the multi step popup to increase their conversions.

Plugin needed to create a Multi-step popups

To create multi-step popups, you need the OptinMonster plugin which is the best lead generation software.

This plugin has many great features that helps you build a successful site and increase your revenue.

Check out all the best features covered in our OptinMonster Review.

Let us see how to create multi-step popups easily.

How to create Multi-Step Popups

Let us see how to increase conversions with Multi-step Popups. Follow the steps below to create a multi-step popup using OptinMonster.

Create a Popup

Login to your OptinMonster Account and click on “New Campaign” from the right side of the screen.

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Then select the campaign type as popup.

After that, select the template from the list of available pre-built templates available in OptinMonster.

If you are getting more traffic from mobile device, then you can choose mobile optimized template.

For this tutorial, we will choose the canvas and basic template to create a multi-step popup from scratch.

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Name your campaign, choose the website on which you want the popup to display. Then click on Start Building.

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Design Your Popup

You can modify the popup from the OptinMonster editor.

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To update or modify any block, just click on it. You will get different options in the top of the editor.

These blocks include,

  • Button
  • ChatBot
  • Countdown Timer
  • Divider
  • Image
  • Video

You can use the drag and drop feature to add the block on the popup.

Below image is an example for the multi-step popup created for this post.

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Once the popup is completed, you need to customize the success page.

If you are using the popup to grow your list, you can add a simple “Thank you” message in the success page after the visitors signup.

If you are re-directing the users to different page or site, then you need not worry about the success page.

Add your MonsterLink

For this tutorial, we are creating a multi-step popup using a MonsterLink.

When the user clicks on your MonsterLink, the popup will appear.

Click on the “Display Rules” button at the top of the editor.

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Time on Page will be the default display rule. You can change the options for the display rule using the drop down option.

Look for MonsterLinks and select it.

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Then click on Copy MonsterLink™ Code. Your code will be copied and you can embed it wherever you like it.

The MonsterLink will be in an HTML embed code and will look like the one below:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Click Me!</a>

Sometimes, you would need just the HTML form and not the embed code. In that case, you can just copy the HTML link within that double quotes.

The simple HTML link will look like:

You can add any anchor text to this link. Whenever any user clicks on this link, the popup will appear.

Just go ahead and click on Save and then Publish the campaign.

You can expect increase in your conversion rate due to following reasons:

  1. People who click on your link will definitely have more interest in the content of your popup.
  2. As per the Zeigarnik effect, people will definitely finish the process they have started.

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Final Words

That’s it. I hope this post helped you to learn how to create a multi-step popup for your WordPress site to increase conversions.

Not only multi-step popups, OptinMonster can do other great things.

Try OptinMonster with 30 days money back guarantee and see the results yourself.

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How To Increase Conversions with Multi-Step Popups Easily in 2021
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