How To Use Smart Tags in OptinMonster Easily in 2023?

Are you using OptinMonster and confused about how to set up smart tags in it?

Do not worry. Check out this post and learn how to use smart tags in OptinMonster easily.

What are Smart tags?

Smart tags are a personalization feature offered by OptinMonster. It is a small set of codes using which you can add relevant information to your forms or campaigns.

Here is how a Smart Tag looks.


There are also predefined Smart Tags to make the work easier.

One of the popular smart tags is {admin_email}. It is the default smart tag used in the send to the email address field.

Predefined Smart Tags

The following predefined Smart Tags are available for use:

Form Data Tags

  • {{form_name}}: The full name submitted in the name field
  • {{form_first_name}}: The first name submitted in the name field
  • {{form_last_name}}: The last name submitted in the name field if the last name was submitted
  • {{form_email}}: The email address submitted in the form
  • {{form_phone}}: The phone number submitted in the phone field

Geographical Tags

  • {{city}}: The visitor’s city
  • {{state}}: The visitor’s current state if it exists
  • {{region}}: The visitor’s current region which would include states, provinces, etc.
  • {{region_code}}: The current region’s abbreviation (e.g. “CA” for “California”)
  • {{postal_code}}: The same as {{zip}}
  • {{zip}}: The visitor’s current zip code
  • {{country}}: The visitor’s current country
  • {{country_code}}: The current country’s abbreviation (e.g. “US” for “United States”)

Customer Journey Tags

  • {{page_url}}: The URL of the current page
  • {{referrer_url}}: The URL of the previous page
  • {{pages_visited}}: The number of pages the user has visited
  • {{time_on_site}}: The amount of time the user has spent on the site in milliseconds
  • {{visit_timestamp}}: The current timestamp
  • {{page_title}}: The title of the current page

Benefits of using Smart Tags

If you are a website or business owner, you should use Smart tags.

A study by Jupiter Research and Annuitas Group indicates that personalization on your website can easily increase sales and revenue by 20x.

Some of the benefits of using Smart tags are:

  • It makes the visitors attracted to your offers.
  • Predefined smart tags in campaigns give a personal touch to the subscribers.
  • It helps them understand that they are live campaigns.
  • Gives you better results using which you can launch more profitable campaigns.

About OptinMonster

Install OptinMonster
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OptinMonster is the best lead generation tool using which you can easily create popups, opt-ins, or campaigns.

Best features of OptinMonster

  • Lightbox, footer bar, and slide-in forms
  • Multiple-form design templates
  • The option to add custom HTML and CSS to forms
  • The ability to create unlimited forms for different posts on your site
  • Impression and conversion stats for each form
  • Ability to clone forms for instant A/B testing
  • exit intent to only show popups as visitors are about to leave
  • Easy Integration with all major email marketing services
  • Easy and user-friendly native WordPress user interface.

OptinMonster Pricing

OptinMonster has 4 different pricing plans. They are:

  • Basic ($9 per month): You can use this plan on one website only with limited features (3500 pageviews)
  • Plus ($19 per month): You can use this plan for two websites only with 15,000 pageviews.
  • Pro ($29 per month): You can use this plan for up to three websites with 50,000 page views. (Expert’s Pick)
  • Growth ($49 per month): You can use this plan for up to 5 websites with 250,000 page views. Also, you get to enjoy all the pro features that OptinMonster has to offer.

Note: To use Smart tags, you would require a Pro or Higher Plan. Get OptinMonster Today!

How to use Smart Tags in OptinMonster?

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How To Use Smart Tags in OptinMonster Easily

With OptinMonster, you can add smart tags easily to your website.

Let us see the steps to use smart tags in OptinMonster:

Create your Campaign

Create a campaign
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First, you need to create your campaign. It can be any campaign. Once the campaign is created, you can add or edit the texts within the campaign builder.

Choose a predefined Smart Tag

You can either add your custom smart tag or add the predefined smart tags.

To add a predefined smart tag, select the { } curly brackets button on the text editor.

Select the smart tag you want and it will be added automatically to the text editor.

Every Smart Tag must start with two opening curly braces and end with two closing curly braces. This is to determine which content should be replaced inside of your campaign.

The first value should be either a predefined smart tag or the name of a custom variable you have defined.


Verify your Smart Tag

After choosing the right smart tag and being done with your campaign, do not forget to click on the Save button.

Once the campaign is published and live on your site, the smart tag will be replaced with the dynamic value.

Final Words

That’s all about how to use Smart tags in OptinMonster.

Smart tags are the best ways to boost your revenue and sales using your campaigns.

I would recommend using smart tags right away on all your campaigns.

I hope you found this article helpful!

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