How to Create Coupon Popups Easily that Drive Sales in 2023?

Wondering How to Create Coupon Popups?

Then you are in the right place.

Check out this post and learn how to create coupon popups that help you drive sales easily.

Benefits of Popup Coupons

Popup coupons help you boost sales and conversion. If you have a blog or eCommerce site, you can lure your visitors by displaying coupon codes using Popup Coupons.

Let’s see the benefits of Coupon Popups.

  • Coupon Popup increases your sales.
  • It increases conversions.
  • It makes your visitors visit your blog or website again.
  • Help make your blog popular.
  • Makes a reader stay on the website for a longer time.
  • Helps you interact with your blog visitors.

Why Use OptinMonster to create Coupon Popups?

There are many tools and plugins available in the market to create coupon popups.

OptinMonster is the best all-in-one WordPress plugin available to create popup coupons easily.

There are many great features available in it to increase sales and conversions.

If you are not using OptinMonster still, I would recommend you start using it right now.

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Using OptinMonster, you can create the best campaigns to promote your products and services effectively.

Benefits of using OptinMonster:

  • Create multiple types of opt-in forms using a visual editor
  • Connect those forms to your favorite email marketing service
  • Display those forms with detailed trigger and targeting rules
  • View analytics and A/B test your forms to improve them
  • Create Coupon popups
  • Integrate Exit-Intent popups.

How to create Coupon Popups using OptinMonster?

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How to Create Coupon Popups that Drive Sales Easily

Here are the steps you need to follow to create popup Coupons using OptinMonster easily.

Create your Campaign

After you installed and activated the plugin, you need to create the campaign.

From the dashboard of your OptinMonster, click on “Create Campaign“.

create new campaign
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Select the campaign type as “Popup“.

Remember to name your campaign and select the right template.

Input the required details to create the popup coupon.

Design Your Coupon

Customizing the coupon is an important part of designing the coupon that matches the style of your site.

Also, set the right headline and body text. Format the text and its color to make it attractive.

If you want to add images, you can make use of the option “Add blocks“.

You can edit both the background and the button before completing this step.

Set Delivery Option

You need to set the delivery option so that you can send it to the people who want it.

Sending the coupon to email and redirecting them directly to the site are good options.

Apart from these, you can also set the immediate view of coupons.

The immediate success view is the default option. If you want the visitors to redirect to a different site or URL, make use of the “Action” section.

Set the Display Rules and Publish the Coupon

You need to set the display rules as per your preference.

For some sites, displaying the coupon immediately is the right option. You can also make it appear after a few seconds once the visitor visits the blog/website.

set display rules for coupon popup
  • Save

After setting the display rules, click on the publish tab at the top to make your coupon popup go live.

Based on your display rules, it popup coupon will appear immediately or after a few seconds.

Other Types of Popups to Increase Conversions

Other types of popups may also help you to increase sales and conversions.

The other popups that I recommend are as follows:

Countdown Timer Popups
Multi-Step Popups
Spin-to-Win Optin Popups


That’s all about how to create coupon popups to drive sales easily.

Everyone loves to grab coupon codes and discounts. So, creating coupons is one of the best ways to increase your sales and conversion.

OptinMonster is the best option for you to create coupon popups since it is very easy.

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