How to create a Donation Form in WordPress for Nonprofits Easily in 2021

Are you trying to create a donation form in WordPress website?

Whether you are a nonprofit organization or someone who needs some help, adding the donation form to your website is easy.

In this article, you will be able to learn how to create a donation form quickly and easily.

Benefits of Having Donation Forms on your Site

  • You can customize the form fields so that you can get more information about the donor.
  • You can use other payment processor besides PayPal (Stripe)
  • You can integrate the form with other software like CRM

As mentioned above, there are more benefits of having a donation form on your website.

Let us see how to create a donation form in WordPress for nonprofits.

How to create a donation form in WordPress for Nonprofits Easily

In order to create a nonprofit donation form, we will use the WPForms which is the best form builder for WordPress.

How to create a donation form in WordPress for Nonprofits
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How to create a donation form in WordPress for Nonprofits

Do you need to have coding knowledge to create a form using WPForms. With the help of drag and drop builder, you can create visually appealing forms within a few minutes.

You can use the basic lite version of WPForms for basic forms.

In order to process the payments on your donation form, you would need the payment add-ons like PayPal or Stripe which are available in Pro and higher version of the plugin.

Install and Activate the Plugin

  • Purchase the pro or ultimate version of the plugin from here.
  • Download the plugin and Install it on your website.
  • Then Activate the plugin.

Create a donation form

Create a donation form
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After activating the plugin, you can go ahead and create a donation form.

  • From the dashboard of your WordPress, Click on WPForms.
  • Click on Add New.
  • You can name the form as “NonProfit Donation Form”.You can create a form from scratch or use any of the existing templates and customize it.
  • Let’s choose the Donation Form.
  • Click on “Create Donation Form”.
  • You will get a message “Don’t Forget: Click the Payments tab to configure your payment provider”.
  • Click on OK and proceed further.

You will have the following fields by default on your donation form:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Donation Amount
  • Comment or Message

In the default donation form, you will have a single field for the donation amount. If you wish, you can add multiple choice fields so that visitors can choose the amount.

  • Save

In order to do that, click on multiple fields buttons located under the payment field.Drag and drop the donation amount field.

Click on the Multiple fields button to edit it. You can enter the “Donation Amount” to rewrite the label.

You can also enter the increments for the donation amount as per your wish.

Once it is done, you would need to change the single item field to display only when the option for “Enter the amount” is checked.

Now, select the single item field to edit it. Uncheck the option for the “Required” box so that the multiple-choice fields will not become void.

If it is enabled, you will get only the “Single Item field” option.

  • Save

Scroll down the form editor and choose the option “Enable conditional logic”.

After that configure it for the option “Show this field if Donation Amount is Enter Amount”.

Once the changes are made, click on Save.

Setup Payment Integration

You can use either PayPal or Stripe for payment processing. We will use the Paypal method since it is a popular one.

Click on the Payments section on the form editor and then select Paypal Standard.

  • Save

Put a check mark for “Enable PayPal Standard payments”.

For the payment type select Donation from the drop down menu.

Below these settings, you will get the option for cancel URL.

If the visitor cancels the payment process, you can redirect them to any URL on your site.

Once it is updated, click on Save.

Customize Form Notifications

It is important for the donors to get confirmation email once they donate to your site. So, it is necessary to customize the form notifications.

Click on Settings and then click on Notifications.

  • Save

By default, notification will be sent to the website owner.

You need to create new notifications so that the donor will get a confirmation email.

Click on “Add New Notification” and name your notification.

Then click on “Send to Email Address” and then choose “Show Smart Tags

Then choose Email on the list.

Scroll down the editor and customize the message donors will get on their email.

Save the changes.

Add the Donation Form on your site

You have created the donation form successfully for nonprofit. It is time to add the donation form on your website.

You can add the form to any post, page or widget (sidebar or header).

Click on Page.
Then click on Add New.
Choose the add form button and select the donation form which you have created now.
Insert the form and Publish the page.

If you want the donation form to appear on your sidebar, Click on Appearance from the dashboard of your WordPress site.

Click on Widgets and drag the WPForms widget.

  • Save

Then select the Donation form and Save it.

Final Words

WPForms is a great solution to accept donations on your WordPress site. It is highly customizable and you can even integrate it with leading email marketing services.

You can add the donors to your email list so that you will be in touch with them.

I hope you have learned how to create a donation form in WordPress easily for nonprofits using WPForms.

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Learn how to create a nonprofit donation form in Wordpress using WPForms easily.
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