Worst SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2023


Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for all blogs. SEO methods are changing due to updates and customers’ changing perspectives. To get a high ranking for your site in SERP, there are some very important SEO mistakes to avoid. Let us see the Top 20 SEO Mistakes to avoid getting a high ranking on search engines.

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How To Do SEO Without Backlinks Easily In 2023?


Are you wondering how to do SEO without backlinks?

1100+ words ultimate SEO guide for you all. As you know according to Search-Engine-Land SEO is not dead, but you have to do things alternatively.

One of the best ways to perfect SEO is creating high-quality do-follow backlinks, but now it’s not enough!

Go ahead and beat your competitors without the headache of creating the backlinks profile of your blog. Also, Google is smart now and knows all the things about your blog/site.

You can’t hide your ass from Google (kidding), with this tricky method of SEO you can get more traffic from Google as easily as you do this.

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