101 Ways to Improve Blog Traffic

Wondering about the ways to improve blog traffic?

Then you are in the right place.

Check out this post and learn about the 101 ways to improve blog traffic.

101 Ways to Improve Blog Traffic

The creation of blogs is easy and fast, but it takes time and hard work to get traffic to a blog.

Every blogger faces low traffic in the beginning. It is one of the major issues in Blogging.

I faced low traffic issues at the start, but now I know some great ways to increase blog traffic.

Today, we will learn 101 ways to improve blog traffic. Isn’t it awesome?

Just follow the 101 ways and improve blog traffic drastically.

101 Ways to Improve Blog Traffic
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101 Ways to Improve Blog Traffic

Social Media 

1. Share your posts on Facebook.

2. Ask your friends to share your blog posts on social media.

3. Create a Facebook fan page for your blog and share your blog posts there.

4. Create a Facebook group for your blog.

5. Join Reddit and share your blog posts.

6. Share your blog posts on Triberr

7. Share your blog posts on Twitter.

8. Use #hashtags in Twitter tweets while sharing blog posts.

9. Join StumbleUpon, Submit your blog posts there and start getting new & fresh visitors!

10. Make use of Social Media buttons and widgets.

11. Add social media buttons at the bottom of your blog posts so that visitors may share your blog posts easily over social media.

12. Create RSS feeds (Sign up for it) from Feed Burner

13. Add RSS feeds button to your blog.

14. Turn your blog visitors into Email subscribers via RSS.

15. Reply to each commentator on your blog. It will attract your visitors!

16. Also, reply to all Emails you receive from your blog readers!

17. Interact more and more with your blog readers!

18. Join LinkedIn and share blog posts.

19. Join Pinterest and share your blog posts.

20. Use your blog link in your email signature.

21. Join Facebook groups related to your blog topic or niche and share your blog posts in joined groups.

22. Make a Contact with Pro Bloggers and get suggestions, tips for yourself from them! They can transform dreams into reality by motivating and sharing their knowledge!

23. Join Digg, Create an account and submit your blog posts!

24. Share your blog posts on Google plus.

25. Join Google + communities and start sharing your blog posts!

26. Remember, Join Google + communities related to your niche or topic!

Content is still King!

Let me share something about the content. Content simply means the articles/posts that are published on your blogs!

27. Write Quality content!

28. Never publish copied content. Search Engines hate copy paste work!

29. Proofread your posts before publishing!

30. Use Juicy titles and attractive headings/titles for your blog posts. (They are a great way to improve blog traffic.

31. Improve your Grammar.

32. Avoid spell mistakes

33. Use Spell checkers like Grammarly, etc.

34. Write like Professionals 😉

35. Improve your vocabulary.

36. Improve your writing skills.

37. Write long Articles.

38. Write articles and each article must have a minimum of 300 words. It makes a good reputation.

39. Avoid Grammar mistakes.

40. Submit your articles to Article Directories.

41. Start Optimizing your existing posts.

42. Write about hot and trending topics.

43. Improve Posts SEO.

44. Start Guest Posting.

45. Submit your Guest Posts to High PR sites or blogs related to your niche or topic.

Check: How to write a guest post on authority sites

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the main thing in improving the blog’s traffic.

46. Try to make your blog posts SEO friendly. I mean make posts that search engines love.

47. Always use Keywords in Titles of your blog posts.

48. Add Alt Text to your blog images to optimize images.

49. Speed up your blog, ensure that your blog loads faster!

50. Use headings in your blog posts i.e., h1, h2, h3, h4, etc.

51. Install SEO plugins.

52. Submit your Blog to Yandex

53. Submit your blog to Google Webmaster Tools

54. Submit blog to Bing Webmaster tools.

55. Optimize Images in your blogs.

56. Try to publish unique stuff.

57. Use infographics for your blog posts. It is a great method to attract visitors.

58. Interlink your blog posts with each other. It will increase page views simultaneously.

59. Try Long Tail keywords.

60. Optimize Blog posts headings and titles.

61. Optimize the robots.txt file of your blog.

62. Search Keywords via Google Keyword Planner before using them!

63. Use tags for your blog posts. Tags are called labels in Blogger’s language.

64. Use Moz to get a deep analysis of your blog.

Blog Design

65. Use responsive and professional themes. If you are able to design themes and templates, design yourself.

66. Use a mobile-friendly theme for your blog.

67. Make sure that your blog design is unique and simple.

68. Use SEO Optimized themes and templates.

69. Optimize Blog’s template.

70. Try to make blog Navigation easy.

71. Add Popular Posts widgets.

72. Share some awards like Top Commentator, etc. It will attract blog readers.

73. Add a search box to your Blog.

Some Paid methods?

So, want to do some investment? Try the simple and easy methods.

74. Google AdWords is great for getting unique visitors.

75. Direct & Custom advertisements like banners on popular blogs.

76. Facebook ads

77.  Twitter Ads – Promote your Blog via Twitter.

78. Use Chitika, info links, BuySellads as an advertiser.

79. Paid Reviews, etc.

Some Other Recommended ways

80. Create a Forum for your Blog.

81. Hire someone on Fiverr or Upwork to promote your blog.

82. Submit your blog to Directories.

83. Offer Giveaways.

84. Create About Us and Contact us page separately.

85. Write an FAQ page. You can also hire someone to write this page professionally.

86. Interview some pro Bloggers.

87. Do update your blog daily.

88. Stay active on your blog. Don’t forget to reply to your blog comments. It will transform your blog readers to blog commentators too.

89. Ping your blog after publishing the post.

Check: WordPress ping list for faster indexing

90. Build an Email subscriber list and transform your Email subscribers into Regular blog readers.

91. Create a Support Us page. On that page, ask your blog visitors to share your blog on their own blogs, etc.

92. Share your blog with your friends who use the internet.

93. Ask your friends to share/promote your blog on their profiles.

94. Implement SEO and never give up!

95.  Create a YouTube channel for your blog.

96.  Use YouTube annotations to put links over video.

97. Believe me, YouTube will bring hundreds of visitors to your blog If you used it properly.

98. Comment on other blogs and backlink your blog in comments.

99. Use SlideShare, upload slides and share your blog in slides and description.

100. Do  SMO (Social Media Optimization).

101. Tell your friends about your blog.

Final Words

In this post, we saw about 101 Ways to Improve Blog Traffic. Be patient after implementing all the above ways. You will get success within a short span of time. Happy Blogging!

101 Ways to Improve Blog Traffic
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Jenny is a passionate blogger and writes for Onlinedecoded.com. She graduated from Sainik school and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics.

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