WPGroupbuy Review – Is It The Best Groupon Clone Theme?

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WP Groupbuy Review

When it comes to online business, creating a daily deal site is one of the best options to start a successful online venture.

I’m sure many of us aspire to create a successful venture like Groupon, the leader among daily deal sites.

But, how and where to start?

Well, in this post we will discuss a very powerful deal site engine, a Groupon clone theme that will help you to create a great-looking, professional deal site within minutes.

Yes, that’s true. Let me introduce you to WPGroupbuy, a Groupon clone theme, one of the best options available to create a professional daily deal site like Groupon.

WPGroupbuy Review
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WPGroupbuy Review

WPGroupbuy Features

Deal Features

With WPGroupbuy plugin & theme, you can create deal offers easily and quickly.

  • Add and manage deal easy
  • Supports locations and categories
  • Supports item attributes (color, size for fashion offers, etc.)
  • Supports discount pricing
  • Supports image slideshows for a deal
  • The shopping cart allows you to save the cart for later
  • Supports guest purchase
  • Tax and shipping rates
  • Countdown Timer
  • Reward points & Referral program
  • Email subscription integration & Email Templates
  • Subscription lightbox to collect client’s email

Dynamic Pricing

With WPGroupbuy you can easily set up dynamic pricing. This means you can set the price of an offer to different amounts depending on how many are sold.

Through this feature, you can either increase the price after a set number is sold or decrease the price as more are purchased.

This can either help encourage more people to take advantage of an offer as it becomes more popular or creates a sense of urgency by increasing the price as more purchases are made.

Limited Offers

When creating a deal and adding it to your site, you can set the offer to expire after a set date or time, or once a certain number of purchases have been made. You can also limit the number of purchases each user can make an individual offer.

Promote physical products or vouchers

To help you list a diverse selection of deals, you can easily list either deal for physical products, such as those sold at other online retailers, or promote vouchers for experiences such as dining discounts or day trips.

With this theme, you can add a URL to your check out page which the user is forwarded to where they can buy the item.

This allows you to promote products as an affiliate and let the merchant handle the checkout process, while still earning you a commission of the sale.

Setting up WPGroupBuy

Using WPGroupbuy on your WordPress site involves installing both the theme and the plugin files which are included in the package.

There is also a list of recommended plugins that you can install. Once you’ve activated both products, you can begin configuring your group buy daily deals website.

The support documentation covers all you need to know when it comes to setting up your site in an easy to read format.

The theme also comes with demo content which can be imported to help you get a better understanding of exactly how the theme functions.

Importing this demo content is recommended as this theme does include a lot of different pages and content which will make your life easier if they are present on your site.

The main settings for the theme can be found under the top-level menu item which is added to your WordPress admin dashboard.

The interface for WPGroupbuy uses the native WordPress UI helping it to integrate well with the rest of the core WordPress functionality.

The control panel is divided up into multiple pages, each with their own set of tabs, making this a very configurable theme.

The main sections of the control panel are organized as follows:

  • WPGroupbuy: overview and stats dashboard for your site
  • Management: manage vouchers, payments, purchases, and user accounts
  • Settings: General options, email service integration, email templates, payment gateways, shipping, and tax rates
  • Theme Options: website logo, custom CSS, etc.
  • WPGB Tools: enable add-ons

There are a lot of settings available to help you configure how your site works and looks.

However, the different options pages are well organized and the individual settings are clearly labeled to ensure you know which features the settings correspond to.

Once you’ve set your site up, you can begin creating content. As this is a tool to build group buys daily deals type site, the package adds a new custom post type to your site entitled Deals.

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Add new deals

From here you can create and manage existing deals, and also set up the terms used by the deal-specific categories, tags, and location taxonomies to help organize your deals.

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Add deals Location

Support and documentation

As this is a feature-packed theme, and building a fully functioning group buy daily deals website is no mean feat, it’s important that a theme of this type is well supported and documented.

WPGroupbuy doesn’t disappoint on this level and there is lots of online documentation to help you get started and make the most of this theme.

The documentation can be found at the wiki knowledgebase and is divided up into easy to manage categories.

Depending on your chosen pricing plan, you will get access to different levels and durations of user support from the developers.


WPGroupbuy is available to purchase on four different pricing plans. Each plan includes the theme and plugin which are required to build your daily deals website with WordPress.

  • Bronze: $79 – use on 1 domain
  • Silver: $149 – use on 1 domain
  • Gold: $199 – use on 5 domains
  • Platinum: $299 – use on unlimited domains

The features vary from plan to plan, including the number of sites the package can be used on, and also the length of access to support and updates. To view, the full details of each plan visit the WPGroupbuy.

WPGroupbuy Review – Pros and Cons


Daily Deals marketplace.

Shop with downloadable products.

Classic shop with physical products.



Final words about WPGroupbuy Review

WPGroupbuy contains everything you need to create a fully functioning group buy or daily deals website, all you have to do is find the deals and offers to promote.

The theme can be used to list any number of offers such as physical products, digital downloads, or vouchers for experiences, such as dining or spa treatments.

The included documentation makes setting up your website, which has the potential to be a difficult task, a simple and stress-free process so if you are looking to create a daily deal or group buys website then WPGroupbuy is a solid choice.

WPGroupbuy Review - Is It The Best Groupon Clone Theme?
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  • Features
  • Support
  • Pricing


WPGroupbuy contains everything you need to create a fully functioning group buy or daily deals website, all you have to do is find the deals and offers to promote.

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WPGroupbuy Review – Is It The Best Groupon Clone Theme?
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