What happens to your Facebook Account after you Die?

The total number of active Facebook users is more than 1.12 billion. Image what will happen to these accounts after the account owner dies. It may be weird to think that way. Let us see what happens to your Facebook account after you die?

What happens to your Facebook Account after you Die?

One of my close friends passed away four months back. But, 2 days back I got a message from his Facebook account.

I was really shocked.

I found that his father is now using his account. I felt really bad about that.

He read all the messages my friend sent to his lover.

I questioned that and he scolded me and said that I do not have any rights to question it.

I immediately contacted Facebook and requested to delete my friend’s account.

They said only family member can request to delete the account.

Then, I requested to memorialize the Facebook account. I am yet to receive a reply from Facebook.

To protect your private messages being accessed by your family members or friend, add a legacy contact to your Facebook account.

In this post, we will see how to add a legacy contact to your Facebook account.

What happens to your facebook account after you die
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What happens to your Facebook account after you die

There are two options for friends and family members to maintain the Facebook account of the deceased person.

Option 1: Memorialization

In this process, the Facebook account will be frozen.

The account will act as a gravestone. Either family member or friends can request to memorialize the account. Once the Facebook account is memorialized, people can visit the account and leave messages.

To memorialize the account of the deceased person, contact Facebook here.

Option 2: Delete the Facebook account

Only a family member can request to delete the Facebook account.

You need to prove that you are one of the family members and submit a valid dead certificate to delete the Facebook account.

Facebook now allows users to add legacy contact. This legacy contact can be any person. It may be a close friend or a family member.

The legacy contact can access the Facebook account once the account owner dies.

What legacy contact can do?

Legacy contact does have the option to log in to your account. All the private texts will be safe. They cannot unfriend your friends. Also, they cannot edit your posts.

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Set Legacy contact for your Facebook account

However, they can respond to a friend request on your profile ( I wonder who will send you a friend request after your death).

They can do a pinned post about your death.

They can change the cover and profile picture.

Itโ€™s probably worth the five seconds itโ€™ll take to designate a legacy contact. Make sure you pick someone who will put up flattering profile pictures when youโ€™re gone.

In this post, we have seen what happens to your Facebook account after you die. If you have liked this post, share it with your friends.

What happens to your Facebook Account after you Die?
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7 thoughts on “What happens to your Facebook Account after you Die?”

  1. Hi Umapathy,

    Sorry to hear about your friend’s death. May his soul rest in peace. And may the facebook support team delete or at least freeze that account.

    And this feature looks interesting as there are two options and the account holder is responsible for which one to choose. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for this post.
    – Rohan.

  2. I never thought about this question but its an interesting one. I have never given thought to legacy contact before now.

    Its good to know that Facebook has this in place.

    However, I think the social network should do more to make this more pronounced.

    My condolences on your friend’s death!

    I shared this comment in kingged.com where I found this article!

  3. Hi Rohan,

    Yes legacy contact is something Facebook introduced now. Choosing a legacy contact will help prevent the private messages from being read by some one who uses the account after the account owner dies.

    Have a great week ahead ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Hi Umapathy

    I heard about this feature on Facebook and now you have enlightened me about this feature. I have a friend that has passed away but Facebook page is still active. Will pass this info to the family. Thanks for sharing


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