Top reasons why your blog does not make money

Every blogger must have faced this phase on their blogging carrier. Some understood the root cause and start earning. But many people does not know why their blog does not make money. They may work hard work. But they do not reap many results in terms of earning from a blog. At some stage, some make it as part time work. While others quit blogging completely. Let’s see the top reasons why your blog does not make money as others.


Why your blog does not make money?

Top reasons why your blog does not make money

Top reasons why your blog does not make money

Your blog does not make money because

1. Not all bloggers earn money with their blog. There are some bloggers who share just the content and does not bother about the money. More than 70% of the bloggers does not blog for money. So, be happy that you are among the majority.

2. You have more ads than content. While you can earn while showing ads on your blog, over usage of ads annoys people and makes them close the browser window.

3. Your ad networks pay a very low amount.

4. You market your product very much. But there is not content on your blog worth marketing.

5. Your marketing skills may be ineffective.

6. You spend time more time on social marketing and link building.

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7. The design of your blog or website is not attractive.

8. Your brand name is not well known or do you make efforts to make your brand name famous.

9. The niche which you have selected for blogging is not good or you have very heavy competition in your niche.

Top reasons why your blog does not make money 1

10. You do not build a network. You just share your links with communities. You need to build a network.

11. You are not consistent. You need to blog regularly. Posting once in a week will not help you.

12. You are not making a content which goes viral. You can blog about the current trends to attract traffic to your site. More traffic means more money.

13. You blog about unwanted things in which people are not interested or your blog is very difficult for people to understand.

14. You give wrong information on your blog or the information on the site does not match with the statistics.

15. Your language is very bad. You were unable to communicate correctly. Language in the sense, I mean the grammar.

16. You use much technical words or jargon. You need to write it in simple words that even normal people can understand what you are trying to say.

17. The color on the website is not attractive. Make your website looks attractive.

18. Your blog or site loads very slow. People will not wait for your blog to load completely. Make sure that your blog loads faster.

19. The font size is very small and it makes harder for people to read.

20. You do not have enough keywords on the blog post. Keywords are very important

21. You hired a wrong person to do SEO for your blog or you care too much for SEO instead of concentrating on the content quality.  Check: Top SEO mistakes you need to avoid.

22. Your blog does not appear in google search results.

23. You follow others style. You do not have your own style. Always have your own style of writing.

24. You are not making enough use of your traffic. Make use of the existing traffic and start earning money from your blog

25. You do not have the trust of your readers.

26. You spend too much time reading others content instead of writing your own. Just like you are reading this 26 reasons why your blog does not make money (Just kidding).


If you find any of the above as the reason for your blog not making money, you can easily correct and start making money from your blog.


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