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Top Habits of Highly Ineffective Blogger

Blogging can be your hobby or your means of earning. It can be a creative way of sharing information, venting out your feelings or send across a social message to the audience or readers. And for all these points and more there are many people who are taking up to blogging nowadays. But only a few of them are successful whereas a great number of bloggers fail miserably in their attempt.

Bloggers who fail to achieve success in blogging are often found to host a few common habits that make them ineffective bloggers. So let’s learn here about the top five habits or mistakes that bloggers make which make them ineffective bloggers.

Top Habits of Highly Ineffective Blogger

Top Habits of Highly Ineffective Blogger

Top Habits of Highly Ineffective Blogger

Not proofreading the content

This is one of the biggest mistakes and the most common habit that makes a blogger ineffective. Proofreading is vital because it helps to rule out any grammatical error, using of wrong word or phrase, etc. from a content. An article might be good enough in terms of the information that it contains or the basic presentation of the story.

But in the absence of proofreading, minor errors like spelling mistakes or simple grammatical errors do remain which not only reduce the interest level of readers in the content but readers also become skeptical as to the reliability of the content.

Not promoting the content or not networking

A blogger may write excellent blogs and of high quality too. But if he does not promote his stuff then how would his target audience be aware of it? But this if what bloggers often ignore and this makes them ineffective as bloggers. To be successful in blogging, one must know to promote his content.

You must use good networking ways so that people can be aware of your blogs. You should also write guest posts where the links in the post lead to your own blogs and your blogs get an audience.

Not staying on track or on topic

If readers go to your posts or blogs with a certain heading or title then they are looking for specific information that the title suggests to provide them with. But if the reader finds that the content is of a different topic and not as per the title provided Or if the blog takes a turn midway and starts discussing or informing about some completely another topic then readers will lose interest. This will lead readers to avoid further created blogs of the blogger. Eventually, this will kill the reputation of the blogger and the way to the success of being an effective blogger would be closed.

Ignoring SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important. Successful bloggers do know this fact and therefore, take suitable measures so as to abide by SEO rules. The inclusion of popular keywords, tags, etc. in your content does help to get better rankings in SEO and gets you better audience in terms of numbers. Whereas, ineffective bloggers completely ignore SEO which results in less number of traffic led to the content and the blogger turning into an ineffective one.


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Using too polished language

Finally, using extremely polished, chic or sophisticated language does not make a blog successful. Often bloggers tend to vomit their entire knowledge or skill on any particular language on a blog. As a result, the target audience or readers are unable to get a grip on the high-end language used and lose interest in the blog. For a blogger to be effective he must write the blog in a simple language that is easily understood by all. Or else the purpose of creating the blog turns futile if the audience does not understand the language and is unable to appreciate the blog.



Well, we have seen the top habits of highly ineffective blogger in this post. Blogging is not the toughest job on this earth. But yes, a blogger must take care to follow certain rules so that they can become an effective and successful blogger.

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