Top Excuses given by unproductive people

In every office, there are two kinds of people. One comes under successive or productive people and the other ones who were unproductive. Successive people create a positive atmosphere and it will be easy to work with them. On the other hand, unproductive people give a lot of reason for not completing the task. Here you will see some of the top excuses given by unproductive people.

List of Excuses given by Unproductive People

Excuses given by unproductive people

Excuses given by unproductive people

I am not paid enough

This is one of the top reasons given by them. They always feel that they were underpaid for their job. They were never recognized for their job and get the very low annual appraisal.

I will finish it later

Every time some task is assigned to them, they will keep postponing it. They will extend the shifts and do overnight shifts creating an atmosphere that they are working hard.

Top Excuses given by unproductive people 1

It’s not listed on the profile

This is one of the oldest excuses in history. Whenever an extra work is given to them, they complain that it is not included in their job profile and will not do it.

It’s not my problem

They do not understand the serious when the project slows down. They will simply wash their hands by saying that it’s not their problem. They will not help the team or project. They will think only about them and their rewards.

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Whenever a new task is given to them we will fear that we will not succeed in it. The fear of failure does not allow them to work perfectly.

I forgot

This is the lame excuse given by them. When they were asked the reason for not completing the task, they will simply answer that they forgot it and they were not aware that it was very important.

Do not know

If they do not know anything they will not ask it. They are not eager to learn new things. Instead of asking others, they will be chair potato and will be thinking of some other things.

I have an emergency

Whenever a task is given to them, they will always say they have an emergency like they have a funeral to attend, the mother was sick, take the child to the hospital, etc.

I earned it

They will feel that they were the only hard working person in the company yet they were underpaid. They live in a false euphoria.

Feeling sick

They will always feel sick like having a headache, stomach ache, dizziness, etc.


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