Top best hacking apps for android

Android devices are the most popular one when compared with iPhone, Windows and other mobile devices. There are tons of applications available in play store. These are cost effective when compared to others. Since it is an open source we can easily change the features by rooting the devices. In this post, we will see the top best hacking apps for Android devices.

Play store does not list the complete hacking apps for Android. However, there are some ethical hacking apps available for Android. These apps should be used only in ethical ways like programming and for networking. You should not use these apps to hack others mobile.

These ethical hacking applications will help you change the MAC address of the device, to control other devices, to disconnect the internet connection of the second device, etc. If you find it interesting then here comes the list of best hacking apps for android mobile.


List of Top best Hacking Apps For Android

Best Hacking Apps For Android
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Best Hacking Apps For Android

 WiFi Mac Changer

Wifi MAC address changer app is another general Android App which is available on Google play store totally free. This App requires the rooted Android phone. With the help of this application, you can change the MAC address of your mobile device temporarily so that no one can track the MAC address of your mobile.

There are two methods used in this app. One is simple and another one is the hard method.

In the simple method, change in MAC address will not be reflected. The hard method is used to login to password protected apps and change in the MAC address will be reflected in the WiFi settings.
Download WIFI Mac Changer

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite
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 Shark For Root Android App

Shark for Root is one other Android Ethical Hacking App which is available on Google Play. It is also a free app. Approximately there are more than 300000 users set up this App.

This app works on both WiFi and 3G4G data network and it is a traffic sniffer. To open dump root use this App and to preview dump on phone use Shark Reader App.

Down load Shark For Root

 Hackcode Android App

Hackcode is another Android hacking App which is available on Google Play free of charge. It’s a toolbox for penetration tester, Cyber protection professionals, and IT administrator to perform quite a lot of tasks like reconnaissance, scanning etc. This App contains instruments like Google Hacking, Google Dorks, Whois, Ping, Traceroute and many others.

Down load Hackcode


Kill WIFI is one of the most popular hacking App. It’s an open source Ethical Hacking App available on Google Play for free. You can use this hacking app to disconnect the WiFi Internet connection of other mobile devices.

It also kills our WiFi after a specific to protect our battery from draining power. Roughly 500000 persons use this App.

Download Kill WIFI


SSH is short for secure shell. SSHdroid is an SHH server implementation for Android device. This app helps you to hook up your Android mobile with a computer and can control your mobile. People who use windows can control their device using FTP protocol. A further feature of this app is the accelerated notification, WiFi manage, Shared-key authentication, Lock display widget. Approximately one million people install this App.

Download sshdroid

NMapper (Paid)

mMapper is an Unofficial Port of Nmap. It’s a port and community scanner which works on WiFi or a mobile phone connection.
You can analyze the network using the view of the network structure it gives you.

It has the simple and attractive interface. Roughly 1000 user install this App.

Download nMapper



In this post, we saw about the best hacking apps for Android which can be used for an ethical purpose. If you know any other hacking apps for Android, you can share it here.

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