Top 3 Plugins to interlink WordPress Posts in 2021

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Top 3 Plugins to interlink WordPress Posts

The interlinking of blog posts is one vital parameter of on-page SEO.

There are several bloggers out there who depend basically on related posts area for interlinking and this is not the best arrangement.

Interlinking is the must in order to have strong on-page and site SEO. There are many methods available to interlink your posts.

In this post, I will share the simple free methods available to interlink WordPress posts.

Top 3 plugins to interlink wordpress posts
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Top 3 plugins to interlink wordpress posts

Before jumping into the interlinking topic, let’s see the benefits you achieve when you interlink your blog posts.

There are two main benefits when you interlink the WordPress posts.

Helps to index the blog posts: When you interlink your articles, the search engine bots will crawl your site deeply and it will help index the site quickly. The juice will be passed to your articles.

Increased engagement: When you interlink your posts, people will visit those links and it will increase the engagement of people on your site. Thereby it reduces the bounce rate of the site which is a good factor for SEO.

Now, let’s take a quick glance at the simple and quick methods available for WordPress bloggers to interlink their blog posts.

WordPress insights plugin

When you install the plugin it will add the search box in the editor. You can search for posts from the web, your own blog, you can add images, etc.

Wordpress insights plugin
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Using WordPress insights plugin

You can search for posts using “keyword”.

Just replace the keyword using the word that you wish to search on the site.

Though the plugin has some minor glitches, it will be very useful.

You can download the insights here: Insights


This plugin is fascinating as it adds a Facebook-style notice to rapidly include the interlinking post in your blog.

This plug and play plugin and are used to add links to your post.

This plugin suggests only from your posts by default. However, you make it suggest custom recommendations from other posts or your pages.

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using the mentionable plugin to interlink WordPress posts

You can download the mentionable plugin here: Mentionable

WordPress default search & interlink

By default, WordPress has searched and interlink options. This feature helps to interlink the posts in your blog.

1. Click on hyperlink after selecting the text on the current post.

using default wordpress search
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using default WordPress search

2. You will have the option to add the link.

3. Search for the post and add the link to the text.

There are few more plugins that are available, but these are the best 3 solutions that you can use to interlink WordPress Posts.

Do let me know what strategy you are following for blog posts interlinking?

Top 3 Plugins to interlink WordPress Posts in 2021
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