Tips To Protect Online Privacy From Surveillance in 2022

To help you protect online privacy from surveillance, I have provided some tips. Online Privacy is very important. Let’s see those tips now.

Tips To Protect Online Privacy From Surveillance

Do you know that you are revealing your details without your knowledge?

Yes, whenever you post information online,  submit a public record like a mortgage or voter registration or register on a website, shop, data brokers can collect your details and then sell that information to advertisers and other companies.

online privacy protection
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online privacy protection

Delete Cookies

The first time to protect your privacy online is to delete cookies.

Cookies collect all the information about your online activity. Though many browsers have the ability to block third-party cookies, it is not secure.

Always log out of Social Media Sites

Social media sites are used by everyone. These days 8 out of 10 people have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, etc. When you use these social media sites, do you use the same browser for shopping?

When you use Twitter or Facebook and you want to buy a mobile or any accessories, log out from these sites and then go to your shopping site.

Also, do not use the same browser for shopping.

Privacy Settings

When you are using the Internet on your smartphone, change your privacy settings to limit ad tracking. Also, turn OFF the location sharing on your iPhone or Android.

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Don’t use the Loyalty cards given by stores

If you are really concerned about privacy, do not use the loyalty cards provided by the stores.

These cards are used to track your online activity and buying habits. Missing out on discounts is the only downside.

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Safety tips when you are using a public computer

There are certain rules you should follow when you are using a public computer. Let’s see those to protect our privacy.

Don’t save your login details

It is always advisable to log out of the websites once you have finished using them.

There are several websites that provide the option “Keep me logged in“. Do not use this option when you are using social media sites on public computers.

Don’t leave your computer unlocked

When you leave the place, lock your computer. If you are finished with your work, log out all the programs and shut it down.

Remove your tracks

Many websites store your passwords. So, before using the browser on a public computer, turn off the feature “store passwords“.

Also, disable auto-complete. Once you are done with your work, delete the history and temporary files stored on the computer.

Watch out for snoops

There are some people who look over your shoulder or watch you when you enter the passwords. You should be aware of them when using the public computer.


These are the tips to protect your online privacy from surveillance. Using these tips, you can maintain your privacy.

There are many tools available online to protect your privacy online. Let’s see those in the next post.

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