How To Intelligently Steal Ideas From Other Bloggers!

Not getting any good ideas for new posts?

It happens!

But you can’t live like this forever! Imagine what will happen to your blog!

Your readers are waiting for a good article from your side and you are silent? They will go to some other blog fast, really fast!

You have to write!

Thankfully, there’s a great way to write even when you can’t find new ideas yourself!

Want to know about it?

OK, first, shut that open door. Now, look around to make sure no one’s looking! OK, bring your ears eyes closer.

So, the secret is,

Steal from other bloggers!


Before you go out there and start copy pasting, let me clarify that I didn’t mean copy-pasting posts! Heck, I didn’t mean copy-pasting at all!

What I meant was that you should steal their ideas!

How To Intelligently Steal Ideas From Other Bloggers!

And you won’t find ideas in a safe locked in a safe inside blogger’s mansion! They put their ideas out there in wild(in short, on their blog) and still, we don’t spot them.

How To Intelligently Steal Ideas From Other Bloggers!

How To Intelligently Steal Ideas From Other Bloggers!

Welcome To The World Of “Openings”

No one is perfect!


And that’s the case with top bloggers! Yes, they write great posts, but not every post is complete in itself.

Every thought “If he could have included this or that, the article would have been better”!” when reading an article?

How To Intelligently Steal Ideas From Other Bloggers! 1

Then congratulations!

You already know and have seen the “openings”.

I have always been a big fan of openings and lot of my posts are inspired by other’s post(sometimes from a single line in an article!). don’t believe me, then take a look at my post How To Blog Again After A Long Absence.

What In The World Are Openings?

Openings are just the incomplete points that blogger has left in his posts. There may be different reasons for the existence of openings but the biggest one is that it’s not possible to cover everything in one post. So, bloggers usually don’t go into much detail!

How To Spot Openings?

There’s only thing I can say, read read and read. The more you read, more openings you will find.

However, one thing I have noticed is that list posts are best places to find openings. For example, take a look at Daniel Scocco’s Email Marketing Basics: All You Need To Get Started. Daniel has 4 steps mentioned in it and but not gone into much detail!

OK, so what openings do you find in it?

Well, for me, the 4 points are an idea list and a full series can be written on it easily! The base is ready(ideas) and all that is needed is to add some advice and ideas and you will have your own posts ready!

Again, another list post is Leo Babauta’s The Elements Of Change. If I had a life change, zen type blog, I would have written following 5 posts from it:

  1. Beating Inertia: How To Do It?
  2. Beating The Resistance of Others. (Leo has already written on this, but hey, that won’t stop you from writing on this topic! And by the way, that post is also a list post!)
  3. How To Find Joy?
  4. Keeping The Joy Alive Once You Find It!
  5. Why And How To Celebrate The Little Victories.

Of course, this is my take on it and you may get different ideas.

But the moral of the story is when you don’t feel that inspirational, go out, read and steal from other bloggers!

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