How To Start A Business From Blogging Easily In 2020

Do you know you can start a business from blogging?

Yes. You can.

Blogging is something more than a hobby and something is done for fun.  It can and has changed lives.

Blogging can itself become a business and also help you in starting a business. In this post, you will how to start a business from blogging.

How To Start A Business From Blogging In 2020?

Why Do I Need A Separate Business?

Asking this question? Well, you need to start a separate business because first, blogging doesn’t pay much in the start when you don’t have much traffic and readers, you can easily earn money by offering services or consulting.

Second, you will learn a lot from blogging. As a blogger, you will write, edit content, learn about WordPress plugins and themes, and much more.

In our case, Jenny and I used the lessons learned from Blogging to start out and target the main problems and our business went well.

Benefits Of Starting A Separate Business

  1. It helps you keep your blog ad-free. So, you will get more visitors and have more chances of converting them to clients.
  2. It helps you to diversify your income stream.
  3. It helps you in making more money.
How to start a business from blogging
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How to start a business from blogging

What Kind Of Business Should I Start?

The choice is yours. However, here are some common services you can offer as a blogger:

  1. Copywriting: You can write articles for other websites.
  2. Staff Blogging: You can become a paid blogger for some other blog and get paid per post.
  3. Ghost Writing: You can write for someone else without using your name, hence the name “Ghost Writing”.
  4. WordPress Related: WordPress is the platform of choice for most bloggers and if you keep learning about it, you can easily offer troubleshooting and setup tips for clients.
  5. Coaching And Consulting: Help people by offering expert advice about your field.

The above businesses are a good choice for you to get started as a blogger.

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How To Get Started

Once you know what you have to do, the next step is to get started.

Now you can easily add a “Services” page to your blog but I do not recommend this. Because it won’t get that much attention.

It is better to create a separate website for it. Since most of the hosts offer multiple domains these days, you can easily start the website.

Choose a relevant domain, install WordPress, select a good theme and you are ready to go.

After that, you have to take care of the promotion. Tell online friends and readers. This will help because most of the bloggers keep getting questions and they can forward people to you.


In this post, you have seen how to start a business from blogging.

What do you think about starting a business related to your blog?

Have you already started one or are thinking about it?

How To Start A Business From Blogging Easily In 2020
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