Should We Have This Meeting? – by Wrike project management tools

Should we have this meeting?

Meetings are inevitable in professional life.

In a corporate meeting, employees may have to spend the entire day in the meeting itself.

Not all meetings are fruitful. Some of them would be pointless.

Should We Have This Meeting?

Should We Have This meeting
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Should We Have This meeting

The agenda of the meeting is important and sticking to it is crucial since it involves the people attending to it too.

It is the responsibility of the attendees to maintain the agenda of the meeting to make it productive and result-oriented.

Sometimes meetings can be hectic. If you have a dull and unproductive meeting at the beginning of the day itself, it can spoil your entire day of work.

Therefore, it is important to decide whether meetings should be held or can be solved by using collaborative tools.

Wrike, a work management & collaboration platform has come up with an informative infographic titled “Should we have this meeting“.

Infographic brought to you by Wrike

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  1. Great stuff. We use Restyaboard to manage remote employees. It’s a productivity and management tool specifically built around a Kanban-style workflow. The All-in-one free tool for CRM, Project, Team, Time and Task Management.


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