How To Add Powerful Scroll Depth Tracking Using MonsterInsights In 2023?

Do you want to track the user behavior on your site and wondering how to add scroll depth tracking on WordPress?

Check out this post and learn how you can easily track the user scroll activity on WordPress with MonsterInsights.

How To Add Scroll Depth Tracking In WordPress?

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How To Add Scroll Depth Tracking In WordPress

Before we head into adding scroll depth tracking to your WordPress site, let us see what is scroll depth tracking and why you need that.

Scroll Depth Tracking

With scroll depth tracking, you can see how far a visitor scrolls down the page. It helps you know whether the visitors are reading the content or they get bored and exit the page.

Why Do You Need To Measure User Scrolling Activity?

It helps you measure how engaged your users are.

You can easily find out how long the user scrolls, what they live and what makes them lose interest, etc.

Once you found how much the user scrolls down on the page, you can improve the contents which increase engagement.

Adding Scroll Tracking In WordPress

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports the traffic of a website.

With Google Analytics, you can track who the visitors are, where they come from, their age, gender, their interests, pages visited by them, how long they stayed on a particular page, etc.

The events mentioned above are all simple. If you need to track some advanced events like file downloads, scroll depth tracking, eCommerce tracking, etc you need to set up custom tracking.

Setting up custom tracking in Google Analytics for scroll depth tracking is not an easy job. It requires some technical skills and is nearly impossible for a beginner.

There is an easy way to enable scroll depth tracking in WordPress. You can use MonsterInsights to do the job for you.

How To Enable User Scroll Tracking In WordPress With MonsterInsights

Monster Insights is the popular Google Analytics WordPress plugin with over 2+ million downloads. You can use it to track and manage Google Analytics data easily from the dashboard of your website.

MonsterInsights is owned by the same team that’s behind WPForms, OptinMonster, and WPBeginner.

Some of the notable features of MonsterInsights are:

eCommerce tracking

File downloads

Affiliate links

Forms tracking

Scroll depth and more

You do not need to configure any settings. The scroll depth tracking feature comes as default on the plugin. You just need to install the plugin.

If you have purchased the license, you can download the core files from its site. The name of the file is

To install the plugin, navigate to Plugins Add New > Upload Plugin and then select the downloaded zip file. Then click Install Now > Activate Plugin.

After activating the plugin, go to insights and choose the settings option.

From the dashboard of MonsterInsights, click on the engagement tab.

You will see the scroll tracking option enabled by default as shown in the image below.

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Activating scroll depth tracking in MonsterInsights

Once the visitor scrolls down the webpage, events will be triggered in Google Analytics by MonsterInsights.

You can see the report from the dashboard of MonsterInsights. Click on Insight -> Reports -> Publishers. You can view the user scroll data next to the interests tab.

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Average Scroll Depth Data

The user scroll data for your entire website will be published as average scroll depth as shown in the image above.

With this data, you can check how the visitor behaves on your website.

This, helps you optimize the page to increase engagement and maximize the revenue by adding a relevant call to action button on respective areas.

How To View Scroll Tracking Data In Google Analytics

You can view the user scrolling data easily in Google Analytics. Just log into your account and navigate to the real-time section. Then click on events. You can see the last 30 minutes of the user scrolling data.

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Real-Time Scroll Data

You can also view the complete data from the behavior section. Click on events and navigate to overview.

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Overview of user scroll data

To get more details, click on scroll depth. You will see the event action data. To know the percentage of the triggered events, you need to click on the event label.

You can use the secondary dimensions feature along with scroll depth to get more granular details.

Final Words

That’s all about tracking the user scroll data in WordPress.

I hope you have learned how to add scroll depth tracking in WordPress using MonsterInsights.

You need to use the premium version of MonsterInsights to use the tracking feature.

Grab the premium version with a huge discount before the timer ends.

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