Why and how to restart your android in safe mode

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Whenever we have problems in our computer, we restart it in safe mode and troubleshoot the problem. Like the computer, you can also restart your android in safe mode. This feature in android was available for many years. Some of us may not know it. Let us see Why and how to restart your android in safe mode.



 Why and how to restart your android in safe mode

Why and how to restart your android in safe mode

Why and how to restart your android in safe mode

How to enter the safe mode

To enter safe mode in your android, press the sleep or power button of your device. You will get the option to shut down your device. Just hold the option and your android will restart into safe mode.



When the computer is in safe mode, you will get a black screen and the font size will be large. You will see safe mode in all the four corners of the screen. Like that, you will see safe mode in Android. However, it will appear only in the left side corner of the screen (lower).



Why enter in safe mode

There are two reasons that you should restart your android in safe mode. One is when your device hangs and two the device runs slower.

1. Some times, your device may hang or freeze. It may crash on the startup or will restart randomly. This may be due to the installation of some app which conflicts with your device. In this case, you need to restart your android in safe mode. Only default apps will be displayed in the safe mode. You need to go to settings and uninstall the app which causes the problems.

2. Over a period of time, all the devices will become slow. It is because of the themes and apps which you have installed and removed over the time. In this case, you can go to safe mode and just do a reset of your device. reset is nothing but the factory reset. By doing this, your mobile will become fast. You can ask me that you can do a factory reset in normal mode. However, it will be effective when you do the factory reset in safe mode,

How to exit from safe mode

Exiting from safe mode is very simple. You just need to restart your device. Once you have restarted your device, it will enter in normal mode. After that, you need to log in to all the non-Google apps because safe mode will log out all non-Google apps.


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