10 Reasons Why You Cannot Make Money Blogging in 2022

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Wondering about the reasons why you cannot make money blogging? Check out this post to learn about it.

I saw several people quit blogging though they were quite popular bloggers.

Their blog had huge traffic and an enviable level of readers’ engagement in it. But they quit blogging not in desperation but they got a more lucrative job or business.

It means they were earning from their blog not as much as they desired or they were not earning any money from their blog.

The biggest attraction of blogging is that anybody can enter into this field. In another way, it is also a great weakness of this field that it embraces anyone who wants to start a blog.

Starting a blog is quite easy and it is also not so difficult to manage a blog. But achieving your blog objectives accurately with your blog is damn difficult.

Only those can achieve their objectives who first set their goals very professionally.

Their goals could be to earn money or support earning money or add in their income if they want to earn money with their blog.

If they start a blog just for fun or to pass the time so their goals could be anything other than making money and that’s not our topic of discussion in this post.

You also must have observed that so many people are running their blogs quite successfully but not earning money with it.

They just take it to support their personal brand.

They earn money with a side business like content writing or blog mentoring. They simply manage their blog to show their clients they also have a blog.

10 Reasons Why You Cannot Make Money Blogging

The main thing is if your blog traffic is rising and you are becoming quite popular then you should earn money from your blog as well. But many bloggers don’t earn money and just keep struggling with great expectations of earning money soon. That ‘soon’ doesn’t come and ultimately they don’t give much time to their blog.

Actually, they commit a few mistakes from the very beginning and that is why their blog becomes a place open to all but not to earn money with it.

Earlier you might have read so many general reasons why you can’t earn money with your blog. So after reading them, you need to read these most advanced reasons as well as why you can’t make money blogging.

Reasons Why You Cannot Make Money Blogging
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Reasons Why You Cannot Make Money Blogging

Following are the ten most advanced reasons why you cannot make money blogging despite having huge traffic and a higher level of readers’ engagement on it.

Incorrect Goals

Earning money is an end itself. Obviously, it is the ultimate goal of every money blogger.

But how do you achieve it?

This is more important.

So your source of earning money with your blog must be very clear. If you have selling skills your aim should be to sell your own or affiliate product.

If you have the art of attracting more and more people so your source should be placing ads and publishing paid posts on your blog.

Soon after starting your blog examine if you can convince your readers what to do or what not to do. If it is so then go for the option of selling your own products and of others as well.

If you have the power to make a big crowd around you then you can earn money with banner ads and paid posts.

Check out the post by Chris Lee about the goals for your blogging journey

Non Professional Approach

From the very first step of starting your blog, your ultimate aim should be to earn money with it.

Blogging is a business and nobody starts any business on a trial basis. People start a business very seriously to earn money with it.

So your aim should also be to earn money with your blog and should not take it as an attempt to make money.

Pride Of Not Loving Money

We obtain the things which we love a lot. If we really love money we can earn it otherwise we would just be running after it.

Everyone loves to earn more and more money. So we should also accept the fact that we love money and not pretend as if money is not our aim. Also:

Money is the biggest incentive to engage us working with more and more motivation.

So instead of giving an impression, we are not much worried about the money we should accept this fact we are in blogging to earn money by offering our best to our readers.

Selling Nothing

Many bloggers start selling long after starting their blog. Meanwhile, their readers take them simply a free mentor who gives every advice free. So they expect everything for free from him.

Once he offers anything on the price they turn to somewhere else to get things free from there. So soon after starting your blog start selling on it even if you have a few visitors.

It will reflect your approach to helping them with quality products. It is a fact that quality products are not found anywhere free.

Selling Everything

If you wait for the arrival of any unique product to sell on your blog you would never be able to sell anything.

No product is unique. It is simply the art of selling that makes it unique.

So go for a product that could really solve any big problem of your readers. Be it a unique or the most common one.

You Are A Mentor Forever

Many bloggers give free advice over advice to their readers. They give every advice for free and it lessens their worth. Readers don’t value your advice just because it is free. They want something of quality and that obviously is available on price.

So give a few pieces of advice free and then create a pack of advice to sell on price. That will show you know your worth and that is why you want to sell your ideas for money.

Happy To Be A Generous Person

Generosity is a quality many people have. But one should not be as much generous as to offer his own product for free to anyone he likes.

He must set a minimum price and should not go lower than it. Otherwise, people won’t buy your product and hope to get it free after some time when you offer it for free.

Fail To Analyze

Your every product should be the real need of the majority of your readers. This you can know by fully interacting with your readers.

This you can do while replying to their comments and chatting with them on social media.

Keep Deferring To Sell

Many bloggers defer to selling anything on their blog and keep offering free things.

Their readers become habitual of getting free things and then they don’t warmly welcome any priced products. So never take much time and immediately plan your first campaign to sell a product for helping your readers with quality.

Final Words

So these are the ten most advanced reasons why you cannot make money blogging. By chance, you can earn a few bucks but to make blogging your main source of earning you need to avoid these reasons.

How did you find these reasons and do you face any of them on your blog as well. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

I am sure you would also share this post on social media with your friends and colleagues.

10 Reasons Why You Cannot Make Money Blogging in 2022
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